RDP Saturday: Hug

Sorry but this was all I could do with hug, which is actually not a hug, but at least the models are touching each other. I though I would definitely find a few huggers in town, but today no-one really hugs so much as they used to, it is now done with touching elbows and perhaps a smile.

It does not bother me too much, I was never a huggy person and I cannot remember in my younger years that the greeting amongst friends was a big hug and even accompanied by a peck on the cheek. This all seemed to start with the teenagers and youngsters in their twenties about 10 years ago that instead of a smile you really got down to wrapping your arms around each other. I have a very dear friend in England, and as she said “we don’t do that sort of thing” and we have never hugged, but our feelings for each other are not less, we just do not hug. I think I have reserved my hugs for Mr. Swiss over the years.

So now you will have to be saisfied with the three models on the photo. If they had faces I wonder how they would look.

RDP Saturday:Hug

Good Evening

I was in town this afternoon and on my way home, around 4.30 pm I saw that the moon had already arrived. It was probably because we had clear skies and the sun’s reflection captured the moon. I did not really have to go to town, but decided that an afternoon at home would be a little boring. It is strange having no Mr. Swiss at home after 53 years. It is just the fact that you are alone and no-one else is there. I had 50 Swiss francs on a card as a bonus from my supermarket and decided I could stock up on a few frozen items as the van cannot deliver frozen food. I like to have a reserve in my deep freezer for emergencies. I collect the bonus each month from the supermarket system that I belong to and had not used the card for a couple of months. I bought food for 40 Swiss francs and still have about 20 francs on the card.

Of course I combined my trip with a few photos. This is the way leading to my store. At the top right is a bank. Banks are everywhere in Switzerland and they have a nice glass window at the side. There is a Co-op store next to it, but that is not my store. I usually go to the Swiss “Migros” store, which is also where I order my online groceries.

I saw something interesting in the underpass leading to town. There used to be a kiosk there but it was closed 20 years ago and they are still searching for a solution to the empty part. Now there is a film of the road and streets on the closed part, although it looks more like Zürich that our town of Solothurn.

Our old disbanded fortress outside the town walls was looking particularly attractive in the sun. The trees are probably now preparing for their awakening with some fresh leaves.

I eventuially arrive home, deposited my trophies in the chest freezer in the cellar in the laundry room and uploaded my photos. I had decided on ready made pizzas for the evening meal, so no big cooking operations. My No. 1 son likes a tuna fish pizza and I decided on a plain and simple Margarita with just cheese and tomato which suited me fine.

I discovered the problem with my Apple computer today as it was not printing what I wanted it too. I have a supplementary keyboard as many letters on the original keyboard no longer function: one of the Apple problems. However I have to upload the supplementary keyboard and as I had not used the computer for a couple of months so it no longer had enough power. It is now charging and I hope that is the solution.

I had two visitors in the garden today, probably because I distributed some walnuts and peanuts. First of all a crow appeared followed by a magpie who never miss out on anything.

It has been some time since I had the visit from a crow.

The robin also arrived but as soon as the tit decided to land in the same place he disappeared. Robins really do not like company it seems.

And that was my day, altough it began with a lovely sunrise.

I hope you also had a good day and that the weather played well.