Good Evening

it was a nice sunny day today and I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon and took a few photos from the window in his room. This is a view on the estate where I live, so we are really not so far from each other. Yesterday he had a visit from the hairdresser who visits the home every Thursday and now his Father Christmas beard is back to normal and the remaining hair has been trimmed.

I was busy organising my desk this morning which was quite a task. I removed the filing cabinet and shifted it into my office room where I had also made a few changes. I have to keep myself busy somehow.

I called our computer guy this morning and he will be calling past next week to help sort this cable salad. I am sure that half the cables are no longer connected, but it really needs someone that knows what they are doing to sort it all. It is otherwise impossible to clean away the dust and dirt that has collected over time beneath the cables,

Although I am not removing everything. Yesterday I discovered this Leica camera and decided that Leica are too expensive to dispose of. I found the manual as well so have a chance to discover if and how it works. It has a card in the camera but nothing like those of today. It is twice the size and I am sure it would be almost impossible to buy a new one if necessary. Is there perhaps someone here that might recognise this object?

Mr. Swiss also has a nice view towards the Jura mountains from his window.

And this little cottage is next to this home. They have a small animal farm next door with some goats and sheep.

Otherwise I was busy sorting things at home. I am now quite pleased with my office although I write most of my contributions now in the living room at the desk that Mr. Swiss always used. I spoke to No 2 son on the phone this evening and him and his family are now almost Covid free, although they all have a slight cough as a reminder. From tomorrow they are allowed under the population again, although will wait until next week to be sure.

The day began quite misty with some heavy clouds, but they eventually cleared away to make room for the sun.

When the mist dispersed you could again see the slopes of the Jura mountains.

And that was my day today. Tomorrow I might visit out town again if the weather remains good and on Sunday I will be visiting Mr. Swiss again. Have a good week-end everyone.

25 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. I don’t recognise the camera, but Leica is one of the best brands in the world. Although electronics will have improved to make them smaller, the optics in that camera will likely still be top notch. Definitely see if a shop will buy it, rather than just throwing it in the bin.


  2. Pat, it sounds like things are starting to settle in some for you and hoping for Mr. Swiss. He surely has a nice view where he is. I love the looks of that small building outside his window. Cable salad is a perfect term for that mess. Everything else seems to be able to be made wireless, why not our home devices?

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  3. You were not kidding when you said Mr Swiss was close by–that is wonderful! That cable salad is what my husband has in his office, too. I have been instructed not to vacuum there–supposedly, he will take care of it. That tells me if will never get done…. 🤨

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  4. The views are wonderful for Mr. Swiss! And the little house with the animals is lovely! And I am glad that he is so close!
    In the US, the camera is a Leica Digilux 3 — on the web, it appears that any store selling Leica cameras should be able to identify the memory card that it needs — I would investigate that before discarding the camera entirely — it may work very well, even after some time of neglect!

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  5. I think, if all other research fails, Leica still has its main offices next door in Germany. That really IS an oldie! I’ve never seen one like it. I’m going to do a little research here and see if I can find out anything. But for sure, it’s something special. And quite probably — RARE.

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      • Oh, I totally get it. It just seems ironic that to get what he needs, he relocated so close by. My maternal grandfather needed to be brought from Saint Helens in Oregon (past Portland) to San Jose, about seven hundred miles away, in order to get what he needed while also near his family.

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  6. Mr Swiss is so close you could almost wave to each other from your windows. It does look like a nice place and you can be there so quickly that visiting won’t tire you out.
    I shudder at all those cables. I’ve always called it “cable spaghetti” but same thing. I hate having wires everywhere. You are bound to be able to get rid of quite a few of them. I’m glad you have a person to do it. It’s exasperating to crawl around on the floor trying to untangle the jolly things. Will you take some photos with the Leica if it is still good to use? If you don’t want to keep it maybe a collector would appreciate it.

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    • He is very near, just 2 minutes with my scooter. Those cables are really a nuiscance and the dust and dirt that gathers beneath them. I do not think the Leica is such a super camera. There are a few on eBay and they are not so expensive. Probably one of their misses.

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