Good Evening

I really had a tough time starting this blog. WordPress would just not accept that I wanted to make a title. I do not know how I managed to fool them, but with some sort of trick it has now worked. Anyhow the evening sky was quite impressive with the illuminations from our estate. I stayed at home today and at last managed to organise my office to something that looks like an office. I have begun to gradually look at the various objects I have that I really no longer need. Now that Mr. Swiss is no longer here, he will not be needing some stuff. I found various shaving tools and a mixture of cables and electronic gear which no-one now really needs today and so I am making space. I even found one of the first Leica digital cameras they made, quite small so I decided to keep that. I will have to have a look in Internet what sort of camera it is.

Otherwise nothing spectacular happened today although I got a late evening visitor in the shape of Roschti, the neighbour’s cat. He did not seem intrested in food, probably a little too late in the day, but just wanted to say hello and see if anything interesting was going on.

I had a few bird visitors and this tit was quite busy scraping out the insides of the cocunut seeds embedded in fat. They like to perch on objects that move.

There was even a thirsty robin that arrived for a drink. I wonder if he will find a mate now that Spring is just around the corner.

The usual blackbird also arrived. It really does seem to be thriving on the extra food rations it finds in my garden. At the beginning of Winter he was quite small, but now has become quite a stately bird.

Of course the sparrows are the little scavangers of the bird world. Is that a finch I see in the right corner of the photo. Quite a colourful little bird.

And that was my uneventful day. I really seem to have a new way of life without Mr. Swiss, just me and the vacuum cleaner and keeping busy with housework and now and again the computer. I may not be on the computer as regularly as I was, as some afternoons I visit Mr. Swiss, although not every afternoon I want to give him a chance to settle into his new home and perhaps begin to make a few acquaintances there.

This evening I will have to get the washing machine running with a few items and I might watch some TV, although that is also something I no longer bother with so much.

The day begun quite well with its sunrise. That is something I like to see every morning to start my day. I found the sun’s reflection in one of the windows on the estate was quite interesting. May you all have a good day wherever you are. I realise that it is only in my henisphere that it is now evening.

9 thoughts on “Good Evening

    • I am managing OK now. It was a difficult time when I was caring for him on my own, although I had the local support group to help, but only for an hour in the morning. I am now relaxing and catching up on the sleep I no longer had. I always listen to music.


  1. I’m glad you are beginning to relax and settle down a bit. I was worried for you. You know, you might try out that little Leica. They are amazing cameras with great lenses — and very expensive. if the battery still works, just charge it and give it a try. if the batter isn’t working anymore, you can replace it. You might really enjoy it. I have one that has stopped working. I’m not sure why and we don’t have any camera shops here. But I used it for years and then Garry used it for another couple of years. It was a terrific camera and light as a feather.

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    • There is still a lot to deal with, but I am getting there. It’s a strand camera, quite small and has completely different Sun card, quite large. I found the instruction book so might try it


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