Good Evening

Another wonderful sunrise this morning. It actually stayed quite bright all day, although my only journey today was a visit to Mr. Swiss in his home. This time I was on a mission to bring him his mobile phone. He managed to confuse his super mobile and it is now blocked I would have to have it unblocked by Apple and that is not so easy. However I found his previous phone, had the sim card changed and now that works perfectly and serves its purpose. Silly me forgot to bring him the charger so had a quick trip home, just a few minutes, to fetch it, and now he is happy. It seems that the hairdresser visits the home once a week and Mr. Swiss is glad, although hair is quite rare on his head, but his beard was growing to a Rip Van Winkel length. I found it quite nice with the grey hair, but perhaps not very practical. They also have a pediatrist which I find is quite good for the golden oldies. I could do with one myself.

Anyhow yesterday I was in town at last with my camera ready for a few shots. Not a lot has changed but it was good to do something completely different. It made a change from taking photos of birds in the garden.

I took a slightly different route, actually the same one, but in reverse so it did give a different angle on the buildings. This is our museum which I only really see from the outside, although I could get inside if I used the goods lift, as there are too many steps for me and my walker.

There were not many people in the town, still perhaps an aftermath from the covid problems. My No. 2 son and the complete family are now recovering, but it was 3 days of suffering. They are in quarantine until tomorrow.

There was also very little traffic on the main square. I think people have adapted to shopping online with the computer and there are also less shops in town. It seems to have become a town of restaurants.

Today I decided to use my Mac-Apple computer again after three months of windows. I really had to get used to it, but I must say I am now in the routine and I am quite happy with it. I even almost forgot my password to connect to the screen. Luckily I have all passwords on a memory stick.

The town entrance also looked quite bare. Where is everyone I was thinking.

It was good to get a little into my old routine again. I really have to catch up on life. In the meanwhile my Swiss identity card has expired and I should really organise a new one, especially as it is important to show with your Covid immunisation certificate. It means a new photo with a visit to the photo shop as I am now a few years older and my hair is no longer short, but has grown considerably.

So that is today’s effort and now to move on. Stay safe and healthy.

22 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. It’s always good to get outdoors and have a look around to see what has changed. There’s a lot going on here that I was not aware of, and the weather here has been lovely for the last few days!

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  2. It is good to see photos of your town, again. We have nothing that close by here–I have to drive most everywhere to take good photos. It’s been cold here (as cold as Florida gets), but by mid-afternoon the sun is pretty warm so being outdoors feels great.

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  3. What a marvelous, lovely walk you’ve taken us all on along with you, and in such lovely weather. Thank you for sharing your outing with us. Happy to hear that Mr. Swiss is adjusting and that you were able to solve his phone issue by swapping the SIM card – creative troubleshooting. Encouraging news that your Covid family members will be out of quarantine soon. Life seems to me moving along, and soon it will be spring. Take care!

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    • i am not sure about Mr. Swiss adjusting, old habits die hard. however i have noticed that he is getting the care that he needs and that i could no longer give him. I am beginning to get back to life again.

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      • I understand and agree with you about old habits. I’m sure it is a big adjustment for him that will take time – and for you, as well. I hope he can find some bright spots – maybe even something as simple as the food? I can tell you are getting back in your groove – or a new version of your groove. Wishing you and he the peace you deserve.

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  4. It has been a while since I have seen so many pictures of Solothurn. It must be good to get out more. Is a pediatrist the same as a podiatrist? (I think of it as a pediatrician.)

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  5. I’m glad you got out and into town. I didn’t go anywhere, but anywhere came to us in the form of a new stove that looks very much — almost exactly — like the one they took away. I am going to get out one of these days, but it is very VERY cold and our walk is covered in ice. it might warm up tomorrow. Meanwhile, I feed the birds, sweep the deck, and cook.

    I’m so glad Mr. Swiss is in a good place. I could use a hairdresser and a good pedicure too 💕

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    • Yesterday I was visiting Marcel but today was a day at home. I had a few things I wanted to do at home. It was lovely weather and I had to resist going anywhere, but I like to be on my own at home sometimes. My birds do not seem to be so hungry at the moment.


  6. Good morning … it is really refreshing to see your blog posts again. You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers. All the best for the coming days. Take care and have a great one. SLP …

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  7. It was nice to see photos of your lovely town again. Getting out and taking photos of something different is a must for a keen photographer. Birds, pets and the view of the garden is good but you can have too much of a good thing or so I have found when I was confined to my local neighbourhood for so long.

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