Good Evening

Today I visited Mr. Swiss in his new home. It is an older building but has been completely renovated inside. He is still adjusting to the new way of life although has good and bad days. He is still a little confused from time to time and even said today that with time he wants to visit our appartment which is not so far away. i asked him how and he found he would walk, which is not longer possible as he is now mainly in a wheelchair.

The window from his room is more at the side of the building. It is quite a business to enter. I have to punch a code into the gate and when i enter must disinfect my hands and of course wear a mask. i must show my Covid certificate on the electronic scanner and then get a sticky tape with my name and time of visit to stick on my jacket.

i took a few photos on the way as everything looked so good in the sun.

i spent an hour with him., At last i seem to be making progress with my Swiss tax formula. i have completed my autistic son’s document and hope it is ok. i still have ours to establish, but am still waiting for one of the documents. i will be glad when that is done.

There is still a fine layer of snow on the heights of the jura mountains but they looked particularly good this afternoon on the way home.

Tomorrow i hope to go into town. i will now say goodnight and wish you all well. Sorry that my letter “i” is only in small letters, but it seems that my old and trusty windows coputer is feeling its age on the keyboard.

23 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. That’s pretty great that Mr Swiss’s new home has such a good security system. The Jura mountains still look lovely–good to see your photos from around town, again.

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  2. Good evening. You sound a bit better, and seem to be getting at least your posts back on schedule. I know that the posts are unimportant relative to all else that is going on, but they indicate stability.

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    • Sometimes time runs out, today was such a day. I had to go into town and had not time for anything else. I uploaded my photos and that was that. I had to get Mr. Swiss phone fixed

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  3. I went through this with my parents. Fortunately, they both were alert, just physically limited, when they entered the care center. Becoming responsible for their taxes was simplified by the fact they’d been having a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) do their taxes for years, so the hard part was visiting them at the care center and seeing them slowly come to life’s end. Best wishes for you and Mr. Swiss. For me, the hardest part was not having them in the house – they lived with me at the end. That was when I became a pet person and adopting the first cat!

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    • IWe also have an acountant to help with the tax forms, but you have to submit the corrrect documents to the accountant. There is so much to deal with at the moment and today time ran out so I will not be here very long. I do miss him and he misses me, but I could no longer cope with his health problems. At least he is not so far away.


      • Hugs and best wishes. It isn’t easy to acknowledge that much. Remind yourself that his safety and yours are better served with this new arrangement. That doesn’t guarantee it will be any easier. My parents, for example, were married for over sixty years at the time my father had to go into the care center. They’d only been separate one time – my father was in Washington, DC taking an FBI training session – other than a couple hospitalizations when this happened.

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