Good Evening

Yes, it’s me although I am not sure how long, but I will slowly begin to relate the events in my life again.

Some may know and some not, but my husband with his 82 years was beginning to feel the weight of age. I did my best at home with assistance from our local helpers, but I was feeling the pressure of an almost 24 hour job no longer having enough sleep during the night and after a conference with the family, doctor and connections with the first aid group it was decided he must go to the geriatry ward in the local hospital, after which he would go to a so-called holiday bed in a local senior home with the option of being able to stay there. He is now in the home and will be staying there. After 53 years of marriage (it was our wedding anniversary 2 days ago) I am now recovering from the stress and he is now settling in quite well in his new “home”. The first day was not so good, a shock for him, but he has now settled. I can visit every afternoon, it is only five minutes along the road. Needless to say I miss him and he misses me. Duting the time at home our feelings were strained due to the problems, but now we have both calmed down and we take things how they come. I think I have never had such a crisis in my life.

I am still organising things, there is a lot of official steps to be taken with various documents, and I now have to deal with a lot that Mr. Swiss always dealt with, but I am learning.

My No. 2 son was going to visit at the week-end with the family, but Covid change the plans. On Friday the 4 year old grandson had develped the Omicron virus which is quite widespread now in Switzerland. Naturally his 2 year old sister also now has it. The fever has now gone and they are on the slow road to recovery. My son and his wife are also now tested positive for the virus and the completely family are in five day quarantine. Luckily they have enough groceries in the freezer to get through. The grandson picked it up in his Kindergarten.

Sorry for the bad news, but it seems that is all I have. It can only get better I hope and the sun will rise again. Whether I will be here regularly I do not know, but if things develop well, I will be on my way again on my scooter with the camera.