Good Evening

There I was wondering what to use for a photo and this plane appeared above, so what could be better. I suppose it was departing from Zürich airport, or perhaps just passing though. Yesterday I was just too tired to make an effort for writing, but today I have tanked up a little energy again. Mr. Swiss was being particularly difficult through the night, although I did manage to get my sleep. I no longer worry so much and just let him get on with it. He is not so steady on his legs, but neither am I and we both just have to take chances. We both survived the night.

This morning I had the usual visitor from our Swiss help group to get Mr. Swiss out of bed and ready for the day, although he usually goes back to bed afterwards. I do not bother to get him for lunch now but bring it to him. He eats very little and survives more on creams and carbhydrate food with the special vitamine drinks that are delivered regularly.

I have realised that older people can be so negative with everything. I had a few words with the people that visit to care for him. They have many elderly people in their care and confirmed that it is a general condition.

But now back to normal life.

The sparrows were here again enjoying what wa available. One was on an approaching flight, but eventually found some space.

A tit also joined in, but they prefer to balance somewhere for their treats.

And a magpie also arrived, but not finding anything worth scavanging it left again.

And some birds got quite thirsty.

That was that for the afternoon entertainment. I spent yesterday evening in front of the television. I think it was at least a week since I had switched it on, but this evening I am hoping to have time for it again. I have a chicken for the evening meal, already cooking in my air fryer. In the meanwhile night has arrived almost and I discovered an almost full moon outside.

Have a nice relaxing Saturday with no stress – after all it is week-end for the working population

14 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Dear Pat, take care of yourself these days; my husband, also 82, was the same after a fall and for some weeks I had to ‘baby’ him but “Nurse B” made him do as much as he could for himself and eventually he started doing everything he used to, even shaving and showering without the helpers. Now he’s back to normal more or less, still has wonky balance so uses a cane (no longer the walker), and he doesn’t take in anything I tell him that is more than short sentences. But you must keep sane and healthy. I admit there was a time, when our helpers had stopped coming after about 6 weeks, when I thought I couldn’t go on, couldn’t cope, but that passed. So I hope Mr S will also improve so that you both can live life easier. My best wishes to you. Hang in there! as you say “It can only get better.”

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    • Thanks for the encouraging words. I don’t think he will get back to how he was. He has lost so much weight and no longer eats his meals. He spends most of the time sleeping and has become quite short tempered


  2. I kind of get Mr. Swiss situation/attitude. Since my last fall I feel really defeated but I have to keep fighting to figure out why I fell and to heal what appears to be a cracked rib. It’s like (after my whole life till now) part of me says, “OK and now THIS?” and so I guess I feel frustrated, a little hopeless and a little sorry for myself. My last six months have been nothing but recovering from injuries incurred in falls and now another one.

    I think what Mr. Swiss has been through might have taken a toll on his will to live, to put in the effort life demands. Maybe we don’t think it takes all that much effort when we’re younger and healthy, but later? I know perfectly that the reason I’m fighting now is Bear and Teddy. I owe them myself for the duration of their lives so I have to deal with it. I have a huge black bruise on my rib cage. But you know about falls and how they mess you up so I don’t have to say more. I’m happy I get to see the doc on Monday.

    I hope Mr. Swiss rallies his spirits somehow, but I don’t know how that happens. It would be nice if the weather were warm and his helpers could take him out for a walk in his wheelchair beside you in your scooter or chair. I remember how much you both enjoyed your walks together. It’s hard that it is winter and that’s not a possibility.

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    • Mr. Swiss has had to lend with depression in the past and they have now taken over especially in the evening. The lady that came today advised a drink of orange blossom tea as
      Traquilising in the evening and it seems to be doing the trick. . Otherwise excursions for us both are no longer a choice. Perhaps again in Spring and Summer. His parents both had long lives. I am glad when he does not have a fall.

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      • Depression is a big problem with older people. When my mom was in the hospital I straight up asked her and she said, “Yes.” I told the doc and he asked her himself. That resulted in her being prescribed an anti-depressant. It helped her.

        I’ve struggled with depression myself. I think an anti-depressant prescribed back in 1994 when I had a major depressive crisis saved my life and, as a result, I was around to learn how to understand it and the symptoms. It really is as if some dark entity has taken over your mind. ❤

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