Good Evening

When I first ventured out this morning I found an interesting sunrise, but nothing spectacular.

However it soon transformed itself to something like this with the suns rays reflecting on the snow fields on the heights, so what could be better.

Things soon got moving at home and I did my usual cleaning routine with no problem. The carer soon arrived to get Mr. Swiss out of bed, washed and dressed, and I busied myself cooking spaghetti for lunch and preparing the daily bread.

which turned out quite well. It has now cooled down and will be ready for the evening meal. I decided on a soup this evening with a few cold cuts and am hoping to entice Mr. Swiss. He is really not eating enough. Otherwise he spent most of the day in the bedrooom.

I was busy taking a few photos of the birds in my back garden and I do not think I have even managed such a colourful female blackbird, at least I think it is a blackbird.

She mixed a little with the sparrows but they all did their own thing,

I even got a flight demonstrtion from a tit showing off its yellow feathers.

And that was my day. Hope you all also had a good day. Joux Joux, the cat, also paid a visit for some treats.

13 thoughts on “Good Evening

    • Quite frankly my husband is now 82 years old and is in the last stage of life. I do all I can for him, but cannot work miracles. He is getting the best nutritious food he can have, but the normal physical actions of the body are no longer functioning as they should. it is strenuous, but I can manage. it is the mental problems that are difficult to cope with, the normal physical problems are just common sense. Older people can be very difficult.

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  1. This is very hard, but you know that. Of course I have a lot of theories about this as I do about anything but they are totally useless. I’m just so sorry it’s happened. ❤ Beautiful loaf of bread, though!

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