RDP Tuesday: Delay

“Where is she?”

“I think she said something about meeting a friend for a coffee.”

“Coffee? She should go to the butchers and buy some meat for us.”

“True, but humans have funny ideas sometimes. I would not dream of meeting one of our kind for a drink. For a nice piece of juicy steak I would meet any dog, even an Alsatian.”

RDP Tuesday: Delay

5 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Delay

  1. You’ve captured ‘doggie talk’ very well in the above, but nothing beats your headline picture of those lovely greyish Swiss cows which always look so clean. How do the Swiss keep them looking like that?

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    • Perhaps it is because I take my photos on a nice sunny day. have a few after the rain and then the cows do not look so clean with mud on their legs. On a very hot sumer day their face often has a fly decoration.


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