Good Evening

I actually saw some blue sky this afternoon although it is now gettig darker outsde and the blue sky has disappeared. It was a busy morning with the cleaning lady doing her tasks during which the spitex helper also arrived to get Mr. Swiss out of bed. I made myself busy with sorting out my printer as I need new ink, but there again my cleaning lady was a help and now I know what to order. Birds were scarce today. I really think I feed them too much.

I had two deliveries today for Mr. Swiss. The nutrient arrived. It seems to be a Nestle thing and packed with vitamines. Apparently if you drink enough during the day it compensates for the vitamines you need. I also got my grocery delivery including some dessert creams for Mr. Swiss. It is a good diet if you like cream and sweet stuff. At least he eats it all. Mr. Swiss has lost so much weight and no longer eats enough. The cost of the milk drinks is also carried by the Swiss sikness insurance..

No birds around this afternoon. I had a nice after dinner sleep and have just finished preparing a butternut squash as an accompaniment to the evening cold cuts.

It was a windy day today but not too bad. At least we had no snow. And that is all I have to say on my uneventful day.

It is now night here and I have lowered all the blinds. I will now close down for the evening and wish you all well. Stay safe from the dreaded Covid.

19 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. The weather is about the same here. It looked quite nice and clear if a bit cold but good enough to hop on my bike (the first time after my cold). By the time I went home again, after lunch, it was warmer (not warm!!) but grey and muggy. Uhhhh!

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  2. That Nestle stuff is probably the same stuff Garry drinks. It doesn’t fatten them up, but it helps keep malnutrition away and it tastes pretty good. Garry likes the fruit flavors best, especially strawberry and peach.

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    • The nutrition center from our local hospital call me regularly to see how Marcel is doing and checking his weight. I have instructions how many bottles a day he should drink. He does not mind it, but not exactly over the moon with it. When someone used to weight 80 kilo and now only 44 Kg then you have to make sure you get enough nutrition.


  3. Those beverages are supposed to be pretty good for those who do not eat much, but oh my, they can be bland. I consumed many while staying in the hospital with a friend who was in a bad situation. It was difficult to get away, so nurses brought me leftovers that patients did not eat, such as meals that arrived after patients left. Mixed in with those goodies were those liquid nutrients. I would not say that they were bad, and I would not let them go to waste while I was there, but gee, they were boring.

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