Good Evening

Another good sunrise this morning. It must be the time of the year,

Today was another day of almost unexpected visitors. My cleaning lady was busy at her work, the grocery supply arrived and Mr. Swiss was still in bed and then ….. yes another ring at the door and it was not the postman. It was the assistance for Mr. Swiss for a wash and get him out of bed. When that was dealt with we sat down to a meal. Halfway through another knock at the door and I thought it might be the postman, but no, It was a guy from the electrc company who wanted to check all our electric connections in the apartment. I knew he would be coming at some time, but not at 1.00 p.m. but there he was. After checking everything he wanted to see the connections in the cellar, the laundry room, the cellar room and our hobby room. He also went to the room for the block electricity connections and an hour later we were finished. I could then finish my cold dinner and at last have a midday sleep.

This evening I decided it was time to write a blog and I had no connection to internet, it came and went. At the moment I have it. Before the electric guy left we checked through everything and found it was working. Whilst he was here we had no Wifi or anything like that. Now after an hour of stop and go I have my Internet again. And now I am finished. I have a wash to run on my machine in the cellar and Mr. Swiss called for something to drink.

Please bear with me, but I am finished for the day. And I also had an invoice to pay online and that was a miracle that it worked. It is an utter miracle that I managed to write this piece. I am so hoping that tomorrow will be a normal day.

13 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. But you got everything done! Isn’t that always the way–everything works just fine when the pros are checking it. Soon as they leave, it decides to fail. I hope Mr Swiss is doing better each day, and enjoying his ice cream.

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  2. If you have a chance — of if your son has a few minutes — just check and make sure all the plugs are firmly in their sockets and the cables are connected. Sometimes workmen bump into cables and plugs and when they are loose, you get very weird, intermittent service. I can’t tell you have many times I thought something was broken until I discovered a loose cord.

    You got two days without rain. We got one. I was so hoping we’d get a second one today, but it’s raining again and there’s snow for the weekend. Not a lot, but more than a coating. All followed by more rain and another warm-up. Our weather really has been much more like March or April than January!

    Hugs to all!

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    • After the guy was here everything was fine. His plugs and sockets are OK, we even have to pay for the examinaation. We have a bit of misty rain but nothing extreme, but now we are having some snow during the night on the slopes. I do not go anywhere, so no problems.


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