RDP Saturday: Light

At last the lamp on my desk is working, not that it was broken, but it kept flackering in between. It was almost as if it was possessed. Just now and again it was trembling. It was then that my clever cleaning lady said it had a wobbly contact and promptly removed it from the lamp and dropped it on the floor. It then had more than a wobbly contact, it was kaput. Luckily I had a spare lamp which was so weak it hardly had any light at all. then I had a clever idea and swopped it for a light bulb that I had in another lamp, much stronger and now it is working. Although I have told my cleaning lady that she could perhaps bring me two new lamps the next time she visits. Anyhow everything working again, no wobbly contact and enough light to be able to write my blogs.

RDP Saturday: Light

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