Good Evening

It was a misty morning, but not so cold. I was already in bed yesterday evening at 10.30 so no New Year’s Eve festivities, although I did hear some fireworks outside. I was busy doing some ironing and as usual the TV programme was quite useless Christmas and New Year seems to be a selection of repeats, although my favourite Sitcom, East Enders, was on, although nothing exciting. Someone wanted to blow up the mosque and the pub owners wife was back on the drink.

And now for the good news of the day, my Mr. Swiss was back. He arrived by special taxi from his rehab. He was only in the wheelchair to get him safely inside, but is now hopping around with his walker, something like me. We must always be careful not to have a walker collision indoors. He was quite worn out from the excitement of the journey, but is now gradually settling in again. I was quite busy unpacking his case. Some of the stuff was clean and others ready for the washing machine, so I had to sort it all. After an hour it was done and I could start to cook lunch. He only needed just over an hour to arrive from the Bernese Overland where his clinic was, and the chauffeuse said there was not so much traffic on the road.

The bird house was busy with some of my feathered sparrow friends, but I think they were just there for the company and no longer so interested in the food.

In the meanwhile I cooked my chicken in the air fryer for the evening meal. It is so much easier than doing it in the oven and reduces the mess as all I have to do is clean the fryer afterwards. I had some fresh sage leaves and stuffed it with them, some garlic cloves and onions and yes it was enjoyed by all.

And now time to go. I have Mr. Swiss to look after and he is doing quite well, although still a bit shaky on his legs. At the moment he is enjoying an ice cream on a stick as a desert whilst watching the TV. I am off now and hope you had a successful first day in the new year.

19 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. I am so happy to hear Mr Swiss is home! That is a great way to start a new year! My son bought an air fryer and loves it! I’ll have to ask him if he has cooked a whole chicken. I don’t eat meat/poultry, but yours looks very good. You both be careful and take care. A little hug for Mr Swiss from me.

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    • I had had the air fryer almost a year before I did the whole chicken, but it works perfectly. Easy to clean and nice and tasty. Mr. Swiss hugs back. He is a bit uncertain on his legs and has to be careful.

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  2. Mr. Swiss must be so happy to be at home, or perhaps so happy to not be in an unfamiliar situation. Even after a month, such facilities are . . . not quite the same as being at home.

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