RDP Thursday: Reticule

Perhaps they are a little to large for a reticule, but we are now in the 20th centuary and our reticules have grown accordingly to hold the telephone, the Kindle and other such electronic objects, not to mention the credit cards and the mask. You do not have a mask? That belongs to the daily equipment in the Covid days. Always take your mask with you.

RDP Thursday: Reticule

9 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Reticule

  1. My reticule looks compact, but it weighs as much as two bricks. I think I sag on one side when it’s on my shoulder — and that is WITHOUT a camera in the bag.

    We have masks everywhere. In the car, in our bags, pockets, camera bags. Garry just found an unopened package of them I must have bought back in September and they got lost in the rubble of his office.

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    • Since living online , my reticle is not needed. I have masks everywhere and no longer need Themas o don’t go anywhere. I usually now just take my telephone camera with me


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