Good Evening

I almost gave up this evening. I was busy with this and that and time decided to escape. I almost forgot to bake my bread which had been proving since before lunch. It is now in the oven getting the finishing touches for the evening meal. I hope it will not be too hot to eat, but fresh warm bread from the oven is always good. Today I finally sorted our desk for the computer(s) and now we have enough room. I disconnected our second printer, which we never really used and had plenty of space for storing some computer papers that Mr. Swiss had. I think it was the bits and pieces where he jotted down his passwords. He really thought he could come home today from the rehab, so I reminded him again that it will be Saturday. I think he has the rehab blues at the moment. I suppose it is one of the male-fenale differences. I always enjoyed my hospital stays after the operation. No washing or cooking and cleaning: just let yourself be pampered by the hospital staff, but men are used to being pampered daily from their women and my man seems to be getting frustrated with the rehab life.

I was so happy to see the sky clearing this afternoon. At last no rain and sunshine with a blue sky in the background. It took a while for the mountains to clear the clouds away, but gradually they disappeared.

There were few birds around today and as the weather was quite warm for this time of the year I took a small walk around my garden. Here is a photo of my porch from the other side.It seems to have developed into a bird village, but they feel at home there.

It was then that I saw the sunset towards our town with the spire of our cathedral. When I returned to the appartment I left a trail of dead leaves behind me, so it was out with the hoover again to collect them.

And now to settle down for a quiet evening. I have a laundry wash to do and since Mr. Swiss has been away I only run the dishwasher every second day. It is now almost a month since I have seen him in flesh and blood. Face time on my telephone and iPad is not the same thing.

Have a good day, take it easy, and prepare to slide over to the New Year.

12 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. If Marcel is getting restless, he is probably also getting better. Soon my friend, whatever “normal” is will be back. Meanwhile, happy New Year and let’s hope for a better one. Right now, a day without rain would be a great start to 2022. Hugs from both of us!

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    • He is really now not so happy and wants to come home . At least we will have a good start to the new year. Here’s wishing you both all the best for the next one and a dry beginning


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