Good Evening

What a miserable day it is, and the rain has only fallen once, but all day. Mr. Swiss called me this morning and was completely miserable, because he wants to come home. I reassured him that it would be better for him to stay in the clinic until he really felt better. In the meanwhile the doctor from the clinic called me and asked how I felt if he would be released at the week-end. It seems he has made good progress and he will be brought home next Saturday by invalide transport during the morning. I have a feeling that he was complaining so much, they will be glad to say goodbye. Naturally he will be glad to be home again. I will be getting help to cope from a Swiss organisation, but will only need them in the morning to help with a wash and getting out of bed. It looks like things are going upwards.

I told Mr. Swiss on the telephone that our computer printer was not printing.This morning my cleaning lady was here. She is such a wonderful person and so practical. She is an expert at repairing things and of course within ten minutes she had it working again perfectly. Somehow it had lost the connection to our computer. She also orgnanised the printer in another place which is much better. She said she has been living alone for so many years, she just has to learn to do it herself. I have decided that I will no longer rely on Mr. Swiss with such jobs. I have learnt a lot from my days of solitude.

Although it is raining constantly today, it does not seem to bother the birds so much, although perhaps they gather a little closer together. I had my grocery delivery this morning and already sent off my order for Friday to make sure I get my delivery slot for the morning. It is New Year’s Eve and probably everyone will be ordering. Now the holiday stress is at last over and I can relax and take it easy.

The sparrows were gathering in the trees opposite, perhaps hoping to star in a remake of the film “The Birds”. And I am now off for the evening. I wish you all best wishes.

32 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Your cleaning lady sounds fantastic! You and she are a pretty dynamic duo. Good news (but funny, too) about Mr Swiss. So they will be happy to give him the old heave-ho…it is usually a good sign when someone starts complaining. I think he must be feeling better!

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    • It really looks like Mr. Swiss is back. I have a feeling they will be glad when he goes, although I got on very well with the doctor. My cleaning lady really has a career behind her and someone even wrote a book about her life. She is from Columbia. She needed money as a young mother with a baby and was a drug courrier when a teenager and got arrested in Switerland. Spent a few years in prison and broke from the drug life. There is a lot more to tell about how she nearly died because she had to swallow the plastic bags with the drugs. she had her own company for cleaning, but it collapsed some years ago. She is not only my cleaner, but my friend

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  2. So glad things are looking up for you Pat. And wow – what a story anout your cleaning lady. I am sso glad she is your friend. I wish you well Pat

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  3. Havi ng spent my time in hospitals and rehabilitation/therapy homes, I can appreciate Mr. Swiss’ desire to be home again! One doctor told me he used the “can they eat, pee, poop, walk” standard for releasing his patients. By the same token, I once waited one extra day in hospital because he was too busy to come and release me the day I expected to leave.

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      • As Dorothy says while she clicks her heels in “The Wizard of Oz”, “There’;s no place like home!”

        Even in the best of hospitals, more so rehab places, there isn’t much privacy, and the food rarely is as tasty or conveniently located from one’s room when one has to go to meals, as at home.


          • I had a room with a picture window overlooking historic Cherry Creek and all of Denver, Colorado’s most notable landmarks (state capitol, their art museum, etc.), the Rocky Mountains, and an emergency exercise involving lots of action and the moving in and out of a large airplane body (!) in one Denver hospital, yet I still was anxious to get back to my little town in Western Nebraska and my kitties! That was an atypical situation (other than wanting to see my kitties). Most places are limited in stimulation other than a television in the room and occasional visitors or telephone calls.

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  4. So good to hear that things are looking up at your house. Just in time for the New Year. We will continue to keep you and your loved ones in our thoughts and prayers. Have a great day .. SLP …

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  5. Good Day! Well, I hope it is better now that I am replying to this than it was when you wrote it. I am sorry that things were not so good. I will see what you wrote today in just a bit.

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  6. I hope Mr. Swiss recovers his sense of humour and good nature when he’s once again at home. It will save you the trip to the hospital as well which must be a bonus. I’m so glad he’s doing well and able to return home and I hope the improvement continues. Happy New Year to you both.

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    • He could do with something to laugh at at the moment. He has been quite isolated during his rehab. The clinic is more than an hour away, wising you s happy new year


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