Good Evening

Another dull boring day today with constant rain. I did not go anywhere, there was no need to. Christmas is at last over, although the radio stations, at least the British ones, are still constantle chiming out the Christmas songs and carols. I will really be glad when everything returns to normal Since Mr. Swiss has been away, almost a month now, I have become the general factotum for everything. Today I had to pay a bill online for a company in Germany. Now that was something completely different, but I even conquered that one. And our printer refused to print. It can scan documents and print them, but direct from the computer it is a failure. I have six documents in the queue on the computer waiting to arrive but no luck. I was on the phone to Mr. Swiss in his clinic and he said it was probably something quite simple, but from a distance he could not help.

The only thing functioning today was my bird visitors pecking around for what they might find.

Yesterday when I was on the phone to Mr. Swiss he told me that they have a restaurant in the home where he is and one of the nurses said he could have a coffee there, but he did not want to. I reminded him that he has a 100 france note in his purse. He was quite surprised. On the day that he left for the clinic everything happened so quickly. We have no real cash at home, living on plastic cards, but my No. 1 son had a hundred franc note which I gave No.2 son to give to Mr. Swiss before he left with the taxi so that he would have something, but it was all forgotten in the meanwhile. Mr. Swiss called me back to say he found the one hundred francs and he has now organised some chocolate for in between from their shop. He was quite happy about that. At least he will survive until next week when he returns home.

I did make myself busy by baking a bread this afternoon, although I will put it on one side for tomorrow. We still had some bread left from the week-end.

And that is my news of the day. I will now move on and wish everyone the best of the day.

14 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. it has been grey, rainy, and icy here, warming up in the daytime and dropping into very cold at night. Lots of slipping and sliding going on but nothing but a dusting of snow.

    Nice that he is in a place which as good food! The food in hospitals in the U.S. ranges from pretty bad to inedible. But they make up fancy menus that make the food really SOUND great — until they serve it. Cold and overcooked to the point of being more like a building material than food. It is hard for me to even imagine being in a hospital setting and getting decent food too. It must surely help the healing process. We don’t listen to the radio so we haven’t been besieged by holiday music, but Garry is an old movie fan, so we have seen pretty much ever old holiday movie made over the past 60 years.

    I had to get Garry linked up to OUR printer today. I never could get it to hood up, though it should have been easy. Owen fixed it. I think that is what sons are best at – making things work!

    Lots of hugs from us both!

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    • It is very wet and miserable here at the moment and I have not seen the sun since at least a week. Mr. Swiss has lost his appetite. I just had his doctor on the phone to tell me how he is doing and he said everything is good, but he has no appetite. Apparently the kitchen staff have asked him what he would like to eat. At least he has put on 2-3 Kilo. Our hospital food is quite good, but perhaps a little bland. We have a classic music station on the radio and I like to listen to it. I have not bothered very much with the television this week, but there is not very much worth watching.
      Our printer is now working perfectly, thanks to my cleaning lady.
      Hugs back to you.


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