Good Evening

It was a rainy day today, but at least no longer as cold as it was and the snow remainders are not disappearing. For me and No. 1 son it was another day at home. I decided to tidy up my porch table this morning. It had accumulated a lot of bits and pieces that were just taking up room and had no use. No. 1 son was gradually eating his way through the apple harvest and instead of two large baskets of apples there was now only one. I was quite pleased with the result and it really looks more tidy outside. I like to keep myself busy with variouis chores. I also did a thorough dust removel in the bedroom: so much had collected behind the cupboards and shelves. I am now quite proud of the result.

Dinner was our normal tradition on Boxing Day. A nice piece of ham from the shoulder with cooked red cabbage in red wine – with a touch of vinegar at the last 10 minutes cooking time and boiled potatoes. As we were only two people there was plenty. No. 1 son never stops until all is eaten, so I had to put the brakes on and said he should perhaps not eat it all, but keep a piece for the evening cold cuts. We really ate a lot.

This afternoon I allowed myself some ice cream as a desert with whipped cream. Not exactly ideal if you have diabetes, but now and again I like to treat myself. It was my favourite ice cream, stracciatella, with the chocolate pieces.

I phoned Mr. Swiss at the clinic and this time by Face time. He does not always hear it, but this time he picked up and I must say he is looking better than he has done for some time. I think he would come home tomorrow if he could, but I told him although it would be nice, he should stay until next week as planned. I really want him to be fit again when he comes home.

I had a visit from the neighbour’s cat this afternoon. He was quite demanding for some feline tit bits, accompainied with a loud meow. I suppose he also had a right to his Christmas break. He gobbled up the offerings and went on further.

Otherwise the local jay also arrived to have a few bites

He did some display diving from the roof of the bird feeding house.

and eventually settled in a tree to keep an eye on things.

There were a few tits hanging around

They like to peck on things that move, like this filled cocoanut half.

The robin put in an appearance as well. I really have a well fed population of birds in my back garden. They keep me in action filling up the seeds.

It is now time for a bite to eat in the evening, It will be some remainders of the day, although I have to make sure that No. 1 son leaves something. I still have a third of a small veal pate with chopped morels and some ham from today.

And now time to move on. I have my order to complete for groceries to be delivered on Tuesday. Keep well and safe and enjoy the remainder of the holiday.

17 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Good Evening! Although, Rostchi looks grumpy. It is good news to hear that Mr. Swiss feels ready to come home, even if it is not time to do so yet. It must be frustrating for him.

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  2. It sounds like things are turning the corner in your world. That’s a good sign. Enjoy your ice cream … you certainly have eared a little treat!!! Have a great day … SLP …

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