RDP Saturday: Gift

Not one of the most pleasant gifts but this is where the clinc is situated where my husband has been recovering from is various complaints to get him back on his feet. It began with pneumonia, he had a broken hip joint which was operated in the local hospital and afterwards by a night and fog action he was transported to the clinic. We have now been separated for the past month almost after 52 years of being together. Admittedly when he was working in the past, he now and again had to make business trips abroad for a few days, but that was something different. He is now 82 years old and we will both be glad when he returns home again. The sickness insurance covers it all until 3rd January when he will return, although he finds he could return next week, but no good rushing things.

There were no Christmas gifts this year, we stopped giving them a few years ago, but my gift will be when Mr. Swiss returns home. In the past we would often spend our holidays in the Bernese Overland, where the clinic is, on the Lake of Thun, but there is nothing like home.

RDP Saturday: Gift

13 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Gift

  1. Thinking of you and Mr. Swiss with warm wishes for a peaceful Christmas and hopes for your joyful reunion January 3rd. That is less than 10 days from now. I hope the time passes comfortably and quickly for both of you, though I know it’s difficult to experience the separation from each other.

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    • Mr. swiss still thinks he might get out this week, but I told him plans are for departure on 3rd January. I told hime to make the most of his recovery time and not rush things.


  2. There are worse places to spend one’s recovery time. But I hope Mr Swiss is soon back home and well on the way to be his old self again. All the best for the coming year!

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