Good Afternoon/Evening

It is certainly something different being on your own for Christmas Day. Christmas Eve did not bother me so much. I was busy cooking a good meal for myself and No. 1 son in the evening. However, after today’s lunch (also special with veal slices and a mushroom cream sauce with saffon noodles. I had my usual after lunch sleep and then realised I would have to fill my afternoon with something, so here I am at the computer. I was going to call Mr. Swiss, but my telephone told me the battery was low and it really was. It is now uploading and should be OK in a few minutes. In the last years, we never had a big family get together on Christmas Day. No. 2 son is with his wife’s family in Germany which is OK. I am glad for less stress with entertaining everyone, but it does get a little solitary on my own sometimes. No. 1 son is always here, but mostly in his room and autistic people are not great conversationalists.

The weather is also very dull and dreary and no sign of the sun, although it is a little warmer. We even had a few heavy rain showers today.

The birds were closely huddled together on the birdhouse keepig out of the rain.

I even saw a magpie in my garden this afternoon, but he found nothing worth pecking and flew off.

And that is today’s news from my isolation. Have a good Christmas day everyone

18 thoughts on “Good Afternoon/Evening

  1. Merry Christmas, Pat. Many here are in isolation, too. Lots of positive COVID cases leading to last minute cancellations. We may take a walk with family later, but it might be raining. Don’t want to be inside because they’ve been exposed.

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  2. Christmas alone is kind of strange even when, like me, you’re used to it. When someone you love is in a concerning situation, it’s really hard. I hope Mr. Swiss continues improving and being bored where he is. I was happy to read that yesterday. I’m looking forward to the blog post that says you’re cooking dinner for Mr. Swiss and your No. 1 son. ❤

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  3. Singularity takes a bit of getting used to, though the last time I had to deal with it, I was a lot younger. It’s raining and icy here. Very grey and rather dark. I am not sure if it going to rain more or snow. The sky is battleship grey, so it could be either — but I’m betting on rain.

    I hope Mr. Swiss is healthier soon and you will enjoy the new year together. Lots of hugs from Garry and I — and a slurp from the Duke.

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    • I dont mind being alone, but when the novelty wears off it is not such fun. Cooking for myself is Ok, but you miss cooking for the partner who had other tastes.
      Weather here very dull and miserable, but too warm for snow.


  4. Merry Christmas!
    Although I am sorry that Mr. Swiss was not there. I know that Christmas is difficult for some people, for a variety of reasons, which is partly why I dislike it.

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    • I am also not a Christmas fan. It was stress time for me cooking for everyone, organising the gifts and getting the shopping done, making sure not to forget anything. I don’t even believe in the whole thing, being an atheist

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    • Christmas is now over for a year and I am not unhappy about it. Stress with organising the food and Christmas Carols all the time on the radio. although I was alone with No. 1 son, we managed OK with plenty of food. And now for the New Year when Mr. Swiss will be coming home.


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