Good Evening

Our estate certainly looks a little different when the night slowly creeps up on us. Today is something called a Winter solstice meaning the shortest day in the year, although I have not seen the sun all day and yesterday it was quite scarce. It is also so still outside and since Mr. Swiss is away, also inside. I do not even bother with the TV so much, there is not very much worth watching.

At least I have the birds to keep me company, although they are no longer as active as they were. The blackbird is now a regular visitor.

I called Mr. Swiss in his rehab today and he is making progress in small steps. When we were finished speaking I realised that we had spent more than half an hour on the phone.

I booked an appointment for my No. 1 son today for his booster jab. They have no free dates until end of January, but it might be in between that he gets fitted in if someone cancels. It seems everyone is boosting.ill also

Today was cleaning lady day. I was not really expecting her to come on the week between Christmas a New Year, but she said she has nothing planned and it would be no problem, so she will also be coming next week if nothing turns up in the meanwhile. She wiIl also be visitng some of her other customers. I just put in my last grocery order before Christmas. I usually place it on Wednesdy, but everyone is on a last minute panic and I was lucky to get a delivery slot for Friday. I am glad the holiday falls on a week-end this year as deliveries will be more possible. And that is all I have to report today. Have a good day – see you around.

8 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. It’s nice that you got to chat with Mr Swiss. I was often on the phone for half an hour with David on days that I couldn’t visit him. He was only an hour or so away but I just couldn’t take doing that bus trip 7 days a week so the phone was good, especially in the evenings when they were not doing things to him.

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  2. It is good to hear that you life and daily routine are somewhat returning to normal .. .although it is a “new” normal .. but at least it is a routine that is sustainable. Take care and have a great holiday. We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. SLP) …

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