Good Evening

Yes I am still here. It must be at least a week, but every time I wanted to write something, I had so much otherwise on my mind to deal with. It is funny, but when you are not longer so often on the computer , somehow you no longer have the routine and have to search where to go on your page. It is now evening, there is no-one here, just I, me and myself.

Mr. Swiss? That is a long and complicated story and I am left to deal with it all. Luckily I have my No. 2 son and his wife that are a great support. After Mr. Swiss recovered from his pneumonia with two hospital stays and a broken right hip, the pneumonia was healed (leaving a shadow on the lung, but the doctors are waiting on that one for a couple of months). The hip operation went OK and he now has a plastic-metal insert and his walking is coming along. There is also a crack on the left hip, but that will not be operated as it should heal. Another operation would be too invasive say the doctors. Mr. Swiss is now 82 years old, He is now in Gunten, a wonderful place on the lake of Thun, we had spent many holidays in the area in our younger years. Now he is in a recovery clinic to bring him back on his legs again. He will be there certainly until after Christmas, and afterwards – who knows? It is not sure that I will be able to cope at home with an invalide with my MS problems.

I have not had a lot of spare time for my blogging efforts, but photography only needs a click with the finger

And as long as the birds are hungry they are still visiting regularly. As you can see we had quite a few heavy snow falls, but over the past few days most has melted and we have had some sunny spells.

I have a new visitor. This blackbird arrives regularly every morning and likes to peck around on the ground to see what he can find.

He sometimes brings his friend with him,

The robin also came for a visit now and agan.

Not forgetting the various sparrows and finch and so life goes on .

Please forgive me for not acknowledging all your kind comments, but time is something that seems to run away. I read them all and are very touched with your good wishes and do not feel so much alone. We do not have a large circle of frieds, but my neighbours have been very helpful. I did not grow up in Switzerland but in London in England and so have no childhood colleagues here. Mr. Swiss knew many jazz musicians in our area, but many were older than him and are no longer.

I will visit when I can, but not so regularly. It depends on the situation. Stay safe and well.

39 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Oh Pat I am so sorry. I did not know about Mr. Swiss as I have been a bit absent myself. You must feel rather lonely. I am glad you are still seeing the birds though. Take care Pat, and sending love.

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    • It has been going on for almost a month. I just take it as it comes. He was at home for a week, but I had to call the ambulance three times when he fell and he eventually broke his hip so he was off to the, hospital. Life can get so complicated as you get older.

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      • I know this only too well Pat. We have similar problems. No family or friends either, plus disability and bad health. My heart goes out to you. I will try to watch your blog a bit more closely. Take care Pat – as much as possible anyway.

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  2. Truly sorry to hear about the difficulties you are going through. Just know that we all care and we pop in to say hello and wish you well and give you a warm hug. Take care of you too, will you? Our generation is always better at looking after others. You deserve the same! Glad to know you have help.

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  3. Pat–it is so good to see you again. I think of you, and hope things go well for you and Mr Swiss. The birds are so good to bring their friends to keep you company. The snow looks pretty. We are having such high humidity here in Florida. I have the A/C on–in December! Ridiculous. Sending you hugs.

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  4. It’s good to see you here again! I am so glad that your #2 son and his wife can be helpful to you, even sporadically, and it sounds as if Mr. Swiss is doing well in the rehab center. Your job right now is to take care of yourself, and it sounds as if you are doing well with that as well. I’m happy that the birds are visiting to bring you joy! Do have a merry Christmas with whatever family can be with you!

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    • I always look in here daily. It is my second family. I am hoping that Mr. Swiss gets some of his independence back, but it will take time. Itbwill be just mevand no.1 son at Christmas. But that doesn’t bother me so much. I am not a fan of Christmas.


  5. At least he had one hip replaced and the pneumonia is done. AND it sounds like a very nice place to recuperate. I think about you often. I suppose we are so linked by age and life situation, what happens to you has shadows of our future, too. Please don’t forget to take care of YOU! You are the center of the wheel and around you the world circles.

    Hugs from both of us!

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    • Thanks Marilyn. He still has a break on the other hip, but not so bad. My no.2 son is 3 hours away by train, but we have contact on FaceTime and he visits when he can. We really don’t know what the future will hold. I haven’t seen Marcel since a few weeks. He hasn’t been well for some time, and not eating well.


  6. Dear Pat
    I too have been absent from looking at my emails and had no idea how seriously ill Mr. Swiss was. I’m glad he’s recuperating and as many have said before me it is now time to look after yourself. Keep taking photos of those lovely birds. I put out a bird feeder this year and it gives me so much joy to watch the activity that comes with providing seeds for the backyard inhabitants (squirrels included).

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    • Mr. Swiss has a Long Road to take and a full,recovery will not be possible. I also enjoy watching the birds and their antics at the feeder, especially if there are some newcomers. It helps to take my mind off other problems

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  7. It is good to see you back. It is hard to keep up the old routine when everything changes as I know myself. I hope that someone will be able to take you to visit Mr Swiss sometimes while he is recovering.
    I do like your bird photos, especially the ones on the feeder. Thank goodness for Mother Nature who always brings us joy in some form.

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    • Seeing Mr Swiss is not so possible. It would be a 2 hour drive. I certainly do now have a different routine, but am glad for my computer. The birds are certainly a blessing and I love to watch them

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  8. Goodness! I was just remember how long it had been since you wrote. I do not expect you to write often, since I know that you are more busy in different ways nowadays. I am so sorry about the situation, although you sound like you are doing well with it

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    • I am gradually adjusting to a bit of a new way of life. Being alone for so long is certainly something completely different. I have changed my routine and discovered that evening suits me better now for writing and I have more time in the morning.

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  9. I’m catching up on my emails…wishing you a happy, safe, healthy 2022…wishing Mr Swiss a good recovery, your family well, and wishing your birdy family well, too. I make Birdy Books for busy birds. I wonder if your wild birds would find them fun?

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