Good Morning

It has been so long since I have been here I almost forgot how it works. I will probably not be here very much this week, but now and again I find a few minutes .As you can see the snow has hit us and going anywhere is almost impossible. Yesterday amidst the great snow, I had to go for my booster jab. I tried to postpone it, but I would have had to have waited until end of January. Luckily My wonderwoman cleaning lady picked me up and and waited until it was finished and brought me home. She has so many talents and is a great driver. Snow made no difference to her.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has had his operation to mend his hip joint and now has a plastic-metal hip piece or whatever. His next problem will be to learn to walk again, although he can stand and sit in a chair. I have still not seen him, but hope to go this week. At the end of the week he will be transported to the Bernese Overland in a place called Gunten where there is a rehab clinic to get him walking again. He will be away for a few weeks and will return next year. It is really a wonderful place to be on the Lake of Thun, although now quite covered in snow. I have been so busy with the daily tasks like paying the bills and completing forms for the sickness insurance as well as other chores that Mr. Swiss usually dealt with. At the moment I am on a real learning curve.

Before the great snow arrived I managed to get into town. I really had to get some items as I had not been anywhere for two weeks. It was the last snow free day. The town now had its Christmas lights.

I have not neglected my birds in the meanwhile and since the snow days they are even more dependent on the food, although sometimes I think they look fatter than in Summer.

And now I must go again. I have a form to complete for the insurance and two other forms for other business – all in the name of my patient in hospital. I really do not know when I will be back again, but am hoping for a quiet week-end. I really miss my blogging days and this morning I had to think twice about how to do it. You can forget so quickly. Stay safe and keep well.

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m so happy to see your update, Pat, and to hear that things are moving forward with Mr. Swiss! Why are we golden oldies so busy with everyday things! You might have seen about my day yesterday. We had a small gas leak and are having our back deck refinished. We also had two chairs recovered which were delivered. For a few hours we had ten or eleven men inside, outside and under the house. I was already in bed when they came to turn the gas back on. They have to come back today to finish the job.

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    • Looks like you have had some stress. I am busy sorting out my life. So much has happened. It is not only the physical problems with Mr. Swiss. Bones you can mend, but there are some other details. I am busy sorting the finances and going through documents. It seems he lost the thread with certain things. I suspected it but he was sure he had everything under control and now I have to sort out the pieces. I also have to get his case packed for what he will need on his rehab holiday, but my No. 2 son is helping me.


  2. Very good news that Mr. Swiss has had his hip surgery and will be in a place with excellent care for his rehab. A friend has has two hips replaced with the plastic and metal parts and they have made a big improvement in her life. I wish the same good outcome for your husband. Also btw I think your photo that you took in town before the snows came is beautiful. It is almost painterly, and timeless. Take care and get some good rest for yourself!

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    • I am glad that the op went OK and now he has to get back on his feet again. I won’t be seeing him for a few weeks, but that is OK. Now the town is covered in snow and I am home bound.

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      • You sound like you’re in good spirits now that progress is being made. And I hope you can do phone chats or video calls to keep his morale up along with yours. Take care.


    • I decided it was time that I was back here. today was more or less smooth running. I had a few documents to complete and realised that that was not so easy. No. 2 son is now taking care of the sickness insurance report for his accident and I will have to wait until Monday for my other problem when the office is open.

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    • I am hoping that Mr. Swiss has the same result. He also has back problems and that cannot be improved. He is too old for such a complicated operation on the vertebrae.


  3. Good Day! I have been unable to keep up with posts anyway, and will be even more unable to keep up for the next two weeks or so. With all that is going on there, you could certainly take a break from posting for a while, or maybe just post updates like you have been doing.


  4. You’re having one difficult holiday season. I wish I were in a better position to help. I’m glad the hip was repaired and I hope the walking and learning to walk goes well. It sort of makes me realize how hard it was for Garry taking care of me. I think this is difficult any which way you look at it, but you seem to be one strong woman and I admire all that you are somehow managing to do. I’m glad you’ve been getting some help here and there. Hugs from Garry and I!


  5. Good morning… we will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers during this blessed holiday season. Have a great day. SLP …


  6. So glad to hear that Mr. S continues to make good progress and it’s heartening to hear how well you are treated on the health side. My friend who lives in Lucerne has also recently had a hip op but her husband broke his ankle the same week, so they are in a bit orf a pickle! Love you snow. It must be so nice to look out on.


  7. Wishing Mr Swiss a speedy recovery from his operation and Best Wishes to you and your family for a peaceful and uneventful festive period.


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