Good Morning

I am doing my best for a daily good morning welcome, but at the moment life is completely different. Being alone at home whilst Mr. Swiss is in hospital, I can manage OK. Yesterday I had an exhausting afternoon, just a little more than an hour, stripping the beds, cleaning them and putting new clean sheets and duvet covers on them. At least it occupied me. It seemed strange doing it for my husband when I do not even know when he will be coming home. I am very disappointed with the social side of our hospital.Medically he is getting the right treatment. He no longer has fever or temperature and now is the time for recuperation. I called him yesterday and he was now completely confused due to the talk he had with one of their social workers. All he wants is to come home and she nicely confused him about telling him of a holiday home for a month, somewhere miles away from here. My No. 2 son called the hospital and got the same story. Afterwards they would look for a permanent home for him. Mr. Swiss does not want this. My son told me that it our decision what happens and not the airy fairy ideas of the social work as we are the legal representatives. Personally no-one has called me or informed me of what is happening, They have my telephone number all the information they need, so imagine how I felt when she told my son that she is glad he called and now she has his contact details. We are all very annoyed and she has been told that she must call me with her ideas. I think all she wants to do is take Mr. Swiss name off the list as being dealt with and move on to another case. Luckily No. 2 son on is a bit of a legal eagle and knows what our rights are. It is clear that having MS is for me is a problem, but I can still walk and talk and think and am not yet suffering from dementia. Apart from that I have three good senior homes in walking distance from where I live and if Mr. Swiss needs such permanent care that would be a sensible ideal solution for him and me, but now I am waiting to see what happens.

So enough for my problems. Otherwise life is keeping the apartment in order and feeding myself and son No. 1, as well as the bird population outside.

Even they get thirsty after feeding on their bird seed. I am now off to deal with life and hope that you are all keeping well.

24 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I am so sorry to hear Mr Swiss is not very well, I wish him a speedy recovery and a return home or somewhere local where you can visit. I hope too, that the hospital sort themselves out and get their records updated so you are in a position to decide what is best for him and not allow them make decisions without consultation. Thinking of you all x

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  2. I hope there is a resolution that works for all of you, it is awful that the hospital has been so bad about communicating and asking for your family’s wishes

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  3. This sounds so frustrating, Pat. I hope you and your son (thankfully, a legal eagle) can sort this all out and let the hospital know you will handle where Mr Swiss will go next–not them.

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  4. Dear Pat, it is inexcusable that you are not being called and that Mr. Swiss’s care is not being discussed with you. Home health care should also be an option, at least to start out! These things happen in the States,too. My heart goes out to you.

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    • Our hospitals do not call you it seems, you have to call them. My son spoke to them today and the social worker called me afterwards. It seems we are on the way to a solution. Mr. Swiss will be coming home at the beginning of next week.

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  5. I am concerned for you and Mr Swiss and hope that his homecoming will be an improvement over how things stand today. People heal best in their own environments with their loved ones at hand, and I’m hopeful that the home health care and adjustments to your space will make a difference and bring some happiness to a difficult situation. Thinking of you both. Take care.

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  6. Good Morning!
    but, . . . this is very difficult to read about. Unfortunately, caring for those who require assistance, even if just a little bit of assistance, is an industry. Those involved with this industry can be a bit ‘too’ efficient in regard to prescribing what they believe to be the best options, or worse, prescribing what is most profitable. There is less regard for those who are more directly involved with their decisions. Well, I do not need to explain that to you.

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    • As I have problems myself I have dealt with the system myself and luckily know what I can do to get the best of it. I have now had contact with the Swiis authorities and they will e doingwhat we want and not what they think.

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  7. I live in dread of exactly what you are going through. I guess that is what happens when we get to a certain age and stage. So far, luckily, Garry is very healthy, especially considering his age. His parents lived long lives too, so maybe it runs in families. My mother died rather young, but the rest of her brother and sisters lived long lives. I’ve got a lot of physical issues, so while I might live a long time, I might not. Good elder care is expensive and we don’t have money for that kind of care. So far, we’re okay, but we ARE old and anything can happen. We get a lot of calls offering us extended assistance and I turn them down. Unless they are coming to shop or clean, I don’t need visiting nurses to check my blood pressure. i have my own machinery.

    Getting old isn’t mere not fun, it’s so unreasonable. They act like we are all senile, It drives me nuts.

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    • The problem is also that I have MS which reduces my mobility, but wehste something in Switzerland to help. We will be dealing with this next week. Luckily our apartment is ground floot and the shower was remodeled a couple of years ago to meet my problems and now iit will benefit him as well.


  8. I can imagine how frustrated you must have been feeling. Just recently my best friend, who lives in another state, had the same issue. Her husband was also hospitalised with pneumonia. He was taken ill while at the shops so she was not with him when he went there. In that state visitors are not allowed in hospitals because of Covid so she couldn’t even go and see him even at first when he was quite ill. She told me that at first, she had great difficulty in finding out what was going on but she persisted with phone calls. She too has some health issues of her own but eventually was able to talk to the medical team and make some practical arrangements for when he came home.
    I know that Covid has changed a lot of things but communication between families of patients and medical staff should not be a casualty. I am glad that you and your son were able to sort things out for Mr Swiss.

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    • It was my son that got them active and now everything is getting organised, I will need help and support when my husband is home at the beginning and I will be getting it from a Swiss Organisation. I have to see how much my husband can manage himself. The Covid situation in our Kanton is not as extreme as in other areas, but beds are needed in the hospitals.

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  9. I don’t know about CH, but I know that here in the states, even pre-Covid, at a certain point, when a person’s situation is no longer urgent, hospitals really want to get those patients OUT. I would be annoyed that they thought they should talk to your son and not you. I hope for the best for all of you and that Mr. Swiss rallies and feels better. He will at home, I’m sure ❤

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    • It is basically everywhere that they need free beds. I was left a bit in the dark in the first couple of days. Even my son only knew from the station nurse at first that he had pneumonia. Afterwards my son prodded more and phoned around telling them they should call me. The social worker called me and Halleluja the doctor called me this evening. Marcel will be coming home on Monday. He is off the antibiotics and the lungs have recovered, although they will be giving him a further chest x-ray in three months time. He will be needing more assistance at home, but I will be getting support.

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