Good Morning

And another dull morning with the cloud cover, it can really get quite depressing. We have even had a weather report that it might even snow in the next couple of days.

At the moment I am not here so much. As you become a golden oldie life catches up with you. Two days ago Mr. Swiss became hospitalised. He had been constantly coughing lately and eventually I called for the ambulance. He had fever and is now in hospital being treated for a bilateral pneumonia. They are giving him antibiotics and despite the problems, he is Ok and fully conscious. He had not been eating very well lately and the main thing now is to get rest and treatment for his illness, He is also on oxygen to help him breathe better – those little tubes they hang onto your nose. As I have my own disability problems with my MS I cannot get to the hospital and visit him myself, but thanks to Face time on our phones we can speak and see each other. No. 2 son is working in his office, which is local, this week and called past to bring some clothes for Mr. Swiss and visited him in hospital. He is in our new hospital on the top floor (9th level) and has his own room. Otherwise I just do my daily routine at home and hope for the best.

I have naturally not been taking so many photos lately, but these two just turned up outside for a bite to eat, as it ordered.

They really arrived at the right moment.

The smaller birds are always here

and let us not forget the jay who is now a very regular customer, but he seems to be a peaceful sort of bird and does not bother the others.

Today will be another day at home in the usual routine. Some times it does seem strange that my partner is not here, missing his voice and even if he does just sit a read most of the day, he is always there. Hope you are all having a good day. I might not be around so much at the moment, just taking things as they come.

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    Although I was initially pleased to be the first to comment here this morning, I am sorry to read about the developments there. I know that it is difficult, even though it is very different from anything that I ever experienced. Even if I had lived with someone for my entire lifetime, it would not have been as long as Mr. Swiss has been with you.

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    • He had been coughing for some time, but yesterday he was really in a bad way. Now he is getting the treatment he needs. No. 2 son visited him yesterday and he was sleeping quite a lot.


  2. Hope Mr. Swiss gets through this.

    I’m from Florida & visited Switzerland in July and August around 2002. Back then, I was 40 pounds heavier. It was so ccccccold! In August. With that intro, I have to say you are a very strong woman for living there so many years. 🙂

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  3. When you were absent yesterday, I thought your cleaning lady was there and took up a bit more of your time. I’m so sorry to hear about Mr Swiss. I hope he responds well to the medicine and can be home quickly. 😘

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    • My cleaning lady did not come yesterday. One of her many sisters was visiting and she took a week’s holiday. Mr. Swiss is now in the right place, but it will take time.


    • He has a room to himself on the top floor with a wonderful view over the town, although he cannot appreciate it so much at the moment. He is having good treatment,. It is just a matter of time for the infection to go.


  4. Best wishes for a speedy Mr Swiss recovery. And a happy and healthy time for you. Good that No.2 son is nearby this week to help. Following your Good Mornings, as always, though I don’t comment very much these days.


  5. I’m just catching up as I’m not here so much lately either. I’m very sorry to hear of the illness of Mr Swiss. It does feel strange when you are suddenly at home without your partner and not sure when you will get him back. I hope that he will make a good recovery.

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    • Luckily I have no great stress at home with grocery shopping. I have a good system where I can order everything from the local large supermarket with no extra charges and a prompt delivery service. After living together for 52 years it does seem strange to be alone at home.


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