Good Morning

Another somewhat dull morning, a few clouds hanging around, but we do have visibility in the area. At least the Jura mountains are beginning to show their contours. I again did the disappearing act yesterday. The main reason was the visit from No. 2 son’s family. I decided that spghetti was the best to cook for five adults and two grandchildren and I must say it was a good idea. There was enough for all. No. 2 granddaughter did manage to empty hers on the floor by accident, but that is part of the family fun. Otherwise everything went well, finished with some ice cream for desert.

Mr. Swiss was also feeling a lot better as he did have some health problems in the last few days, being more in bed than out. Nothing too bad, just old age catching up on him. At the age of 82 life is no longer as active as it used to be. I have also had to go over the books and realised that I do now have a semi invalid at home. He is no longer as mobile as he was, although I managed quite well as being a housewife with all the trimmings I just have a few more extra jobs to deal with. He no longer goes anywhere very often, or we have to organise it with a taxi. I do not yet have to organise extra help with him, but that option is always there. I also have my autistic son to feed but otherwise he is quite independent. I can order all my groceries online so do not have to rely on a daily shopping trip, just when I want to go. This might all have a side effect on my presence here when I no longer have so much time as I used to, but I take it as it comes. I enjoy having my intellectual tasks here and being on my computer. So No. 2 is very helpful, although he lives a couple of hours away, and also my daughter-in-law. Communication with face time and whatsap etc. is a great help today with having instant contact. Also son No. 2 is a bit of a legal eagle from his education and deals with all our administrative problems, for which I am so glad.

I am sure he will not mind me showing he latest deserved reward. It is just a bottle of beer but a special bottle as an extra prize for his achievement on a exam he took. Not only did he pass after a couple of years of learning but had the best result from all the people taking part and so he got a crate if beer bottles with the special label showing his achievement. It really makes us proud.

Another wonderful surprise were these little ornament transformations from a normal toilet roll made by the grandchildren for Mr. Swiss and I: a butterfly and dragon. It was wonderful to see them after so long and amazing how they are growing so quickly. No. 1 grandson will be starting school already next year.

Otherwise the thieving magpies still pay their visits, lured by the promise of a walnut.

The patience was rewarded and e managed to wedge it into his beak to fly off with his trophy. I do not know how he manages to crack the nut, as he prefers to do that on his own in a quiet corner.

And I am now off to deal with the daily tasks of feeding the family and the apartment with the hoover. If I happen to disappear now and again, it is just that the normal daily routine of life has caught up with me.

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