RDP Saturday: Clutter

Clutter is not problem if you can hide it in a drawer or cupboard, but it is when the objects want to show themselves in public that you get the problem I had my orchids outside on the porch during the summer where they nicely behaved, made their flowers and did the things that orchids should do. Now winter in approaching and it is too cold for these delicate plants, so I found a place on the dining room table. It is no great problem and one has already begun to flower again at the front with the white flower. Everything is wonderful. Tomorrow I will have two adults and two children more to lunch – family. I cannot expect them to share their dinner with the orchids so I will have to shift all the plants into the kitchen where I already have three other plants and – yes another orchid. No great problem, when I can eventually put them outside again in Spring.

RDP Saturday: Clutter

9 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Clutter

      • I have so much clutter because the recycling systems are not effective here, so I tend to hang onto things that I think will be recyclable someday, so our spare room is full of old bottles etc. waiting to be recyclable or for us to pass away and the next person to inherit them. There is also a company called terracycxle that does unusual recycling, some free in conjunction with toiletries companies etc., and so I have cardboard boxes filling up with empty containers to send to them too–

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