Good Morning

I was wondering what sort of photo to show from our dreary misty morning and suddenly our resident Jay appeared from nowhere. He settled on his food supply and after breakfast flew a little further. I think he wanted to see what I was doing. Being a Saturday I decided to enjoy the bed a little longer and now I am at the computer watching the birds.

Yesterday I was off to town in the afternoon for a few supplies. Even our cathedral was hiding behind the mists and if it was not so imposing you would hardly see it.

On the other hand, taking the outside path to town Autumn was showing itself everywhere. Our old fortifications had a carpet of leaves neatly swept to one side, again everything with a misty cover. As you can see there were few people on their way. It was a cold day and I was glad for my gloves and hat.

In the town I noticed that the Christmas trees were appearing slowly, although not yet with their lights. that will come a little later when advent begins at the beginning of December. This is the square with our official local government law courts.

Further in town things were also looking quite picturesque with various green bushes and of course another Christmas tree. In the background is one of our old clock towers. I also heard the sound of a piano tinkling on my way through town.

And there he was with a piano on one of the paths through town. How he managed to shift it there I do not know, but he was playing very well, some nice soothing music. When he saw me he immediately turned and gave me a lovely smile. That certainly brightened up my afternoon a little. It was just what I needed.

I picked up my various groceries and was glad to be on the way home. The cold was creeping into my bones and it was already getting darker as early evening began. I was really glad to arrive home, although my first job was to deal with my purchases. At last I had bought my spare bottles of cooking wine and got some frozen goods I needed.

Just because I do not really celebrate Christmas it does not mean that I do not partake for the sake of others. I saw this two santa claus in the store, from one of the Swiss chocolate makers and decided it would be something for the grandchildren. I found them quite nicely made. They even had a small bell attached to their belt.

And now I should really be moving on. Have a good day everyone and perhaps if you are lucky you might see some sun. Here there is nothing shedding any light anywhere except for a few Christmas decorations in town.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Day! There is less than a quarter hour of morning here. Your weather looks liked that of San Francisco in summertime. Mark Twain commented on that sort of weather a long time ago. California really does get a lot of nice sunny weather, but the climates here are also very variable. Northern coastal climates get rather damp while the weather is sunny and warm elsewhere.

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  2. Our day looked a lot like yours, but we also got some rain — I think early in the morning. When I went out to feed the birds, the deck was wet but no rain was falling. We had a date at the dealer. Our car was recalled for a computer update. When I came home, my laptop was ALSO awaiting an update and had gotten to that point where it simply won’t work unless you do the update. I gave in and did it. The temperature has dropped and it’s definitely cold. I’m very tempted to raise in temperature IN the house, but oil is so expensive, I’m waiting for it to get really REALLY cold. At least it hasn’t snowed yet. It has snowed all through the middle of the country but so far, not here yet. I would like it to hold off, preferably all winter. I know that’s selfish, but I’m so cold. My bones feel iced.

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    • The weather is very dull here with a cloud cover and we might be getting the first snow soon. At the moment I have been a little stressed. Since two days Mr. Swiss is in hospital with bilateral pneumonia. He is on antibiotics and has jone of those oxygen tubes to help with the breathing. I had noticed that he had been coughing a lot lately. Eventually I had to get the ambulance and now slowly he is recovering. He has his telephone with him and No. 2 son visited him yesterday and brought himsome clothes and stuff from home. I am OK and managing. At the moment I am just taking things as they come.


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