Good Morning

Can someone tell me where the time goes. Lately I seem to lose almost an hour in the morning. Ok, the cleaning lady was here this morning, but she has now gone and dinner is cooking, I began this blog more than an hour ago, then the online delivery arrived. I sorted the food, put it away and even vacuum packed my meat which is now in the deep freezer. There was a problem with a kitchen attachment for hangung my cleaning cloths. My cleaning lady tried to repair it, but we did not have the screws and washers she needed, but she will bring me what I need on her next visit. And then I cleared up the garden which my son almost finished yesterday. I had a heap of disintegrating dead leaves from my hostas and my cleaning angel put them in the container for me. Now everything is perfect. And look what I found under the leaves.

Such a perfect king-queen sized worm – I do not think they bother with male or female, they just go in two diretions, split in the middle and you have two worms. This was really a stately worm and such a nice healthy colour. I do not often see them today. Shame it was in my front garden as I do not have any birds there. There are in the back garden, On the other hand it could continue doing what worms do without any bother from the birds.

I am sure this jay would appreciate a worm as a snack in between.

I was busy organising the remainders of yesterday and at last have managed to get an appointment for Mr. Swiss and I for a booster covid jab. It seems that you can also have it done at the chemists and our chemist is on the list in town. We can now go the second week of December in the afternoon. It is not so far, and we will probably take a taxi as it would be worth it for the two of us, with no complications. No. 2 son will be vising next week-end with his family and I am looking forward to it. Everything is organised and I will be off to the local store to get a few items. I am glad I am now feeling better after my flu attack last week. Having a jab to prevent it is a good thing, but you have to accept a few flu germs in the process I suppose and I had quite a strong reaction.

I must go, wish everyone a good day with no unnecessary stress. I notice the neighbout’s cat Joux-joux was having a bird watch in my garden, but they are all too fast for her. I think it is just the excitement of the chase that she likes.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Flu vaccination is NOT done with live germs. Hence it cannot give you “the flu”. You immune system reacts to the dead germs, that is what gives you a sore throat and a little temperature. You can read about it on the NHS website. That is NOT the flu, dear Mrs Angloswiss. Just a reaction. That’s also why it was over so quickly.

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    • And ii was glad it was over quickly, especially as it was also having a negative effect on my mobility. I also had a fall and had to call the ambulance to get me on my feet again, but thar was due to my MS. Everything seemed to be affected


  2. Good morning … a day late .. home from our drive into the interior to see our nephew at his new school. Back to visiting your blog again .. faithfully .. take care and have a great day .. SLP …

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