RDP Monday: Whisker

I suppose there are whiskers and whiskers. Tabby was quite proud of hers.

Nera her litter sister also had a good bunch of whiskers.

And then there was Fluffy, our little blind Selkirk Rex. He had no whiskers, proving that a cat does not need the whiskers. Selkirk Rex are a special breed with curly fur and yes, curly whiskers. The problem is that they are so curly and brittle that they break off often, but that did not bother Fluffy. Even being blind was no problem. He found his food and his sleeping place and even managed to escape now and again, although that was not so good. Otherwise Mr. Swiss would go for a walk with him on the lead, or we would attach the expandable lead to a pole in the garden to give him space for exercise.

RDP Monday: Whisker

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