Good Morning

Really nothing special this morning, just a msty morning and the sun is nowhere to be seen. I coughed the night away. I must have picked up a cold from somewhere a couple of days ago and have been sneezing and coughing since which is most annoying. I was busy this morning sorting some photos from my grandchild’s birthday. Klara was 2 years old on 11.11 which is a birthday I cannot forget. Time passes so quickly.

Otherwise not very much happening in ny neck of the woods. The only bright events during the day is when the birds visit. This jay is really mking himself at home, aöthough he is quite a peaceful bird and nake no great fuss.

That is more than I can say for the magpie, who is always searching for more food.

After disappearing with the walnuts, she made herself at home with the peanuts. And that is all I have to say today. My head is not functioning as it should. This cold is really quite annoying and I will be glad when it disappears. Luckily I do not have to go places today and just have a normal Friday routine. I hope to see you around again today all going well. Stay safe-

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. nice to see you’r still chirpy, Pat, if coughing a little bit too much. Nothing going on here either but after almost 3 years of getting more unwell I’ve started to pick up again and hope to resume blogging soon. I’m expecting my first grandson in Late Jan to go with 4 granddaughters. One of those is expecting my 3rd great grandchild on the same day! My oldest grand daughter gave me twin great grand children two years ago. Incredibly my grand generation are all different nationalities – Italian, Korean, English & Vietnamese. the new ones will be UK & Korean. But I am 80 so shouldn’t be surprised.
    Ciao & keep well.

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    • Hello Anton how wonderful to hear from you. I nearly missed your message as WordPress decided to toss it into the Spam section, but I rescued it. Glad you have overcome most of your health problems. My husband is now 82 years old, I am 75 so we are looking after each other. I have MS, no longer drive a car but have a scooter with attachment for my walker to cope with shopping trips and also a motorised wheelchair for pleasure journeys. I now have two grandchildren from my youngest son. They live in the Kanton of Schaffhausen. As you can see I am still blogging away, although this week I had to take a pause due to a flu attack, but am now back on the road to recovery. Hope to see you around in the future.


    • You probably noticed I was missimg for a few days – no good morning greetings. This flu injection was so good that it gave me a dose of flu. The doc said I could perhaps get a cold, but after my sore throat and cough it developed to fever. After five days I am now feeling like a human again. I somehow manage to continue feeding the birds and the family, but otherwise my place was in bed.

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      • I just came to check on you, Pat, because I was worried that you haven’t posted. Guess I timed it just right! I’m glad you are feeling better and back to writing. Probably still better than getting even sicker with the flu.

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        • Thanks for checking on me. I thought the idea of a flu injection was to be protected, instead I got the flu. It was the first flu jab I had, but it might be my last. This was not the idea. 🙂


      • I did notice and was going to send you a message this morning. It is very good to hear from you, but so sorry about getting the flu! I agree the bed was the best place to be, but please know that you were missed! I hope you feel 100% very soon.

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  2. Good Morning!
    November 11 is also my Pa’s birthday; and his former address, was 1111 Date Street in Montara. It was just coincidental that his address was also the ‘date’ of his birthday. Actually though, the streets are named alphabetically for trees, such as ‘A’cacia, ‘B’irch, ‘C’edar, ‘D’ate, ‘E’lm and ‘F’ir. (Elm and Fir Streets were not yet developed, so Date Street was the edge of town.) Date palms are of the genus Phoenix, like the city in Arizona.

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    • Lots of elevens in your family.I wish we had some date palms growing here. You only find them growing outside in the Italian part of Switzerlad where they have a milder climate, but only the hardy types that withstand the colder temperatures.

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      • Yes, they are likely the fruiting date palms, which are more tolerant to frost. They became a fad here for a while, as urban development displaced date orchards near Las Vegas. Only the prettier and more billowy female trees were recycled into landscapes. The taller and lankier male trees were not recycled into urban landscape, although a few were relocated to simple landscapes of isolated freeway interchanges. (Since a single male tree can pollinate many female trees in an orchard, there are not many males anyway.) Females and males were kept separated so that the females would not produce messy dates within landscapes. (A profusion of dates is desirable in orchards, but not in landscapes.) Anyway, I can get carried away on this topic. There were only a few Canary Island date palms in Montara, and the common fruiting date trees would not have been happy in that foggy coastal climate.

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