FOTD 7th November 2021: Rose

What better as a flower of the day as a rose, after all today it is Cee’s birthday. She is the person that gives so much time to ensure that we can show our flowers of the day. I have learned so much from this site: the names of the flowers, when they flower and can so much appreciate their beauty. A big thankyou to Cee and for all the work she invests in it.

FOTD 7th November 2021; Rose

6 thoughts on “FOTD 7th November 2021: Rose

  1. I don’t know nor follow Cee but I see that you always comment with your photos. I took a pic of a whole blooming branch of roses today. A dark red too, it didn’t look at all as if we were November 7th, and a cold breeze was blowing the flowers around….

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  2. Hi there, I posted this morning – the 8th. Our second miniature red rose is blooming but they are not as nice as in your photo. I often use archives, especially when it is too wet or I am too tired to take one on the day.

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    • We are now gradually entering the Winter season, so no more roses . Down under you now have Spring, soon Summer so you have roses, wonderful. I do not get out so much in the colder weather, so my supply of flower photos is less and I have to rely on my archives


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