RDP Friday: Notebook

I have various note pads, but they are all similar to this one, without the real apple of course. Today the apples are embeded in the cover and illuminated when the power is on.

They are all flat and need elctricity to perform, although their battery sometimes holds for a few hours, especially the Macbook or the iPad. Write in a note book? No forgt it. Either the pages get torn, I cannot read my writing after a few days or with time the writing fades. The days of the note books are gone for me. In my notebook I can even check on the spelling and it translates into various languages. And I can pay my bills. In a few hundred years there might be a notebook exhibited in a museum and my descendents will be asking what it is. If they will need that information I am sure there will be a computer guide somewhere to help.

RDP Friday: Notebook

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