Good Morning

I cannot complain this morning, the sun has arrived and not making a secret about it. We had a dreary week, but at last things are brightening up. I would add that the sun has now disappeared, but no worry, it will be back and the forecast for the next week is at least dry weather, although temperatures are sinking and the odd frost warning arrives. Yesterday was a strange day. Mr. Swiss had an appointment with his doctor who has now moved to another village. She was also my doctor, but I then changed to one in our local town. Mr. Swiss decided to stay where he was, so had to take a taxi. His visits are not so frequent, he has all the pills etc. he needs on prescription. Just before he left I looked out of the window and saw we had a hailstorm.

Just before the plumber arrived to descale our boiler. We have it done every 5 years and it was now half a year overdue, so I was glad he arrived, but everything happens at once. The boiler only heats the water during the night on the cheap tariff which is OK. We always have enough hot water. However he has to empty it, do his work and afterwards install everything again. Mr. Swiss left and the plumber got on with his work. After an hour he was finished and today everything is back to normal.

He had quite a good system of draining off the water and just attached a hose to the boiler and connected it to our toilet in the shower. The wonders of modern plumbing,

It was quite lively out in the garden with bird visitors. The European Jay is now a regular customer to my food supplies but he or she adds variety to the bird life

There were sparrows everywhere and there must have been at least 50 of them fluttring around. The had also discovered by second supply of food on the old bird house. They really make a difference to my day with their lively movements.

For digestive purposes they afterwards retire to the trees. They really make a difference to my days of isolation when I can no longer go as much into town as I would like to.

I just made a call to my doctor and will having my first flu injection next week. I also inquired about the booster for Covid and it seems I would have to go to the vaccination centres which are quite a distance with a train journey involved. As neither Mr. Swiss nor I have a car, this would not be possible but they do visit your home address if necessary. I will have to organise this. I am the one that mixes with other people when going to the store, although Mr. Swiss says he never goes anywhere. However, it could be that I would bring this unwanted hairy pea virus home, so if they give me the booster they can also give it to Mr. Swiss. I have also heard that reactions to the booster jab are stronger than the first jabs we had, so all the better for recovery afterwards.

I will have a delivery of groceries this morning and am glad that they can delivery everything. I order a large pack of bird food at the beginning of the week and they had no more. I again ordered two packs and they will be arriving this morning, just in time as I distributed the remainder this morning.

Have a good day everyone, the week-end is looming its head on the horizon so would could be better for the non golden oldies amongst us. Stay safe and well – see you later.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I find the America Jay is a beautiful bird. It has more blue feathers. At the moment our Jay is settling in nicely with the other birds and feeds regularly at the bird house. The sparrows seem to be doubling thir numbers daily.

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