Good Morning

At last I am here at the right time. Unfortunately My iPad and iPhone are slowing me down. It seems there are yet again a new update for both and iPad tells me I can freshen it up with OS 15.1 which I am naturally doing. We do everything that Apple tell us to. Naturally this updating takes time although the telephone tells me that now everything is start clear. I sometimes have a feeling that this software is taking over my life, no – it has already taken it over. Now that I have my financial apps on my telephone I can check regularly how much money I have and do not have to fire up the conputer first of all. Isn’t this online life wonderful? I wonder how my parents and ancestors managed without it all, Actually I think they managed quite well because what you do not have you do not really miss I suppose, My dad, bless him, even refused a bank account, although he had a post office savings account which he emptied immediately when he got his pension monthly. I think he just kept it all in a box with some in the trouser pocket.

The sparrows have been quite lively lately and even give some flight demonstrations.

I think that were competing with each other with their antics. I never know what I have on the camera until I upload the photos, and you often get a surprise.

Even the robin arrived to see what was going on.

And this magpie discovered a walnut, so what did she do with it.

She wedged it in her beak and made off with it. That was really a beak full.

I springkled some walnuts outside yesterday in the afternoon hoping take some more photos, but it got so dark I eventually gave up and I had no customers. This morning I discovered the broken shells of the walnuts and the nuts had disappeared. Probably the crow or magpie was an early riser and did her magic before I arrived. I would have loved to have seen how they destroyed the shell of the nuts.

Although the rain has now stopped everything is wet and dull and not very welcoming. Perhaps we might get some sun in the afternoon, but I will be at home relaxing. The Swiss powers that be are ready to give us golden oldies their booster for the Kovid injection, although I have not yet heard anything, In Switzerland you have to organise everything yourself,. I want to see the doc for my flu jab, so will see what she knows. I will probably be baking bread again today. It will be a whole wheat bread. I find the flour a little tougher to work with due to the corn mixure. And now I an off to begin the rest of the day. Stay safe and if you are bored there is always a computer to play with or your mobile phones. See you around.

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