10 thoughts on “FOTD 4th November 2021: Schlumbergera

    • I once had a Christmas cactus that had many flowers but one of my cats ate one. He survived, but not without a visit to the vet as they are not not so good for cats, so I had to get rid of it. My three cats are now long gone so I have a cactus again, but it doesn’t make so many flowers,

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      • That sounds sad. There are mostly Succulents in our Garden( Coral, next door owns the Prikly Pear) which always flower though some of the flowers are green which doesn’t make for the extra colour a rose might bring – our first rose of the season opened yesterday – a red miniature.

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        • I can only keep such plants outside during the summer months. Switzerland has frost and snow in Winter and they would not survive. On the other side, I have a wonderful collection of orchids that continuously make new flowers and new plants on nn their stems


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