Good Morning

At last I am here, although only those in my time bracket will realise that I am an hour later than usual. Admittedly I was hugging the bed longer than usual, but there was washing to disperse that dried overnight. My cleaning lady tends to use so many cleaning rags and they all have to be washed, dried and returned to where they originally belong. This all takes time, and I filled up the food supply for the birds, although they did not empty the supplies so much yesterday. It was also the morning where all my usual computer sites required that I renew their passwords to confirm that it is me. It happens about once a month, but is an annoying job. Many I know automatically, but many I have to discover again. I cannot keep them all in my head. Eîther my head is getting smaller or the passowords are reproducing themselves. I also received some new photos from No. 2 son of my grandchildren and had to save them on the computer. Now that is all dealt with I can continue with my morning routine, although I fitted a bite to eat in between.

I ventured into town yesterday. It was touch and go if I went. After a rainy morning it was a bright sunny afternoon, although very windy. When I saw that the weather report for the remainder of the week was mainly wet I decided it was now or never. No. 1 son had already left with orders from Mr. Swiss to get his cigarette supply. Unfortunately Mr. Swiss had a new bank card and gave No. 1 son the old one which was no longer working. No. 1 son used his own money and after a few telephone calls I organised it from my account, met No. 1 son on the way in town and we sorted it all between us. No damage done, complicated, but everything organised and everyone happy and my money is on my account again

In the meanwhile I arrived in town and to my store. Luckily the weather stayed dry and I quite enjoyed being out again. I noticed there were no longer so many people in town,

although there are always people gathering around the chestnut seller’s little house, includinng a few hungry pigeons hoping for a few scraps on the street.

I picked up some fresh meat from the buchers at the store and replenished my supply of frozen goods. I am now satisfied that I have enough provisions at home for the next few weeks. As I do not get out very much in the colder seasons, I can take it easy.

Autumn is really taking over in town now and the trees seem to be having a competition about whenther they change their colour or lose their leaves completely, naturally with a background of the Jura mountains everywhere.

I eventually arrived home and noticed that the neighbour’s cat Joux Joux was sitting in a pole position in the garden where she she could hide from the birds and pounce when necessary. Eventually she gave up and moved on. And I will now move on. I have no great chores today, but cannot just sit at the computer all day. there are things to be done, and perhaps a few photos of my avian friends that are already gathering at the bird house.

Enjoy the day or make the most of it, whichever is applicable. As I have no special chores today, I hope to have the time to call in again later.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It is Solothurn. one of the oldest, if not the oldest, town in Switzerland. The Romans founded it. We live in the next village just along the road. The area is a farming area and used to have a lot of watch making factories. They have now mainly disappeared, but there are still tool factories in the area.


  1. Good Morning!
    I notice that the street trees in town are already getting pollarded. Those who do not enjoy horticulture believe that autumn is a slow season for horticultural work. I suppose it could be for some types of gardening. For pruning though, it is the beginning of the busy season.

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      • There are a few reasons for it. I write about the procedure almost annually, but must be careful with doing so. My colleagues here vilify me as if I condone the procedure. English arborists vilify me as if I do not promote it. I would actually use this technique in my own garden, but would not recommend it to others, just because there are almost no arborists here who know how to do it properly. In Europe, particularly England, the technique is common and respected. Arborists learn how to do it properly.

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  2. Good morning … we are moving to a new house to I am falling behind on visiting your blog faithfully every morning … I will try to catch up. Have a great day .. SLP …

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    • Hope everything goes well with the moving, you will probably be very busy, so no rush on catching up with anything. I am not going places, take your time and enjoy.


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