RDP Tuesday: Stigma

I have something against people who have a job to do and just park their overdimensonal vehicles with mega cranes in a place half on the road and half on the pavement. At first I was thrilled as I turned the corner to see this unique view and my first reaction was to take out my phone camera and fix the occasion on a photo. That cranne was really something different. I then continued to cross the road to reach the supermarket, but then there was a problem. This wonderful red truck with its combined crane was parked outside of the entrance, so how was I supposed to drive past it on my scooter (my stigma would be MS) with no room on the sidewalk. I had to drive on the road until I passed this hindrance risking death by being run over by another vehicle.that

Having overcome this monster, I turned to find a parking place for my scooter, but another problem existed. A thoughtless van driver was parked in front of the store. I could not see that he was there as the truck was obstructing my view. What did I do. I parked my scooter next to the van so close that he could not drive away. I entered the store and was expecting that an angry van driver would enter to find the owner of the scooter. I supose I was lucky because he was still there when I left half an hour later. This second stigmata of my afternoon was lucky, or I was lucky. How I hate these idiots that just throw their vans and trucks in any empty space, thinking they are the Kings of the road and parking spaces

RDP Tuesday: Stigma

8 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Stigma

      • My dear wife has just the same problems everyday. She must use a motorised wheelchair and we spend more time on the road than we are comfortable with. In our street they park right over the footpaths,or on curb ramps. Another pet hate are the dog owners that don’t clean up after their pooches. It is so difficult to get off the wheels.

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        • I also have a motorised wheelchair, but only use it for photo expeditions in the area. Otherwise I am on my way with my scooter as I can hang my walker on it for when I go shopping. I have MS and my husband is also handicapped with back problems. Before my problems progressed I never gave a thought to such problems as it was not a problem, but now I realise what a problem it can be. Now and again our local authoriies decide to cut the tress and I have to manoever my way around the discarded branches. Perhaps the local rail tracks are being repaired meaning they have to shift their vehicles as I am blocked etc. etc. I feel for your problems. I believer you are in Australia, I am in Switzerland, but it is a universal problem.

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          • Some kind of comfort to know it is not just us. I,too am now needing a cane and my walking is not as good as it was 2 years ago. Tree branches yes. And building sites that close the footpaths. Shoos we cannot access. We really ought to be more grateful for what health remains and could do without the ompediments.

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          • That is soi true, and yes building sites are a nuscsnce. Suddenly you have to descend a steep step onto the main road because the pavement is no longer and occupied by building machines.. we both have a walker, although my husband mainly uses his walking stick. If he has to go to the doctor or dentist he takes a taxi. If I fall I can no longer stand up alone and have to call an ambulance to be helped on my feet again. Afterwards I can manage. Thank goodness for online deliveries of my groceries from my supermarket as often as I want. I do not have to pay for it to be brought to my home. Life certainly changes as you grow older. I am now 75 years old and my husband 82.


          • We are a little younger, Jessica is 72 and I’m nearly 68. I’ve had Osteoarthritis for some 20 odd years and everything creaks and hurts. I had several falls 2 years ago and spent time in hospital. Jessica has had to use her chair since 2009 due to accumulation of past injuries catching up.
            Her wheelchair will go down a pavement but not up, without a ramp.

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