Good Morning

Not perfect, but the rain has stopped and we might be getting a little sun during the day. I am hoping to escape this afternoon for a trip to the stores in town. Nothing urgent, but there are cigarettes to be organised for Mr. Swiss and I have a few frozen items to get that I cannot order online. My cleaning lady has already arrived and is busy in the kitchen. This is the one day in the week where I have my daily cleaning routine already behind me and can now relax and dither around on the computer.

Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen and suddenly noticed the flutter of wings and the jay arrived. This time he did not eat the food on the ground, but decided to see what the bird house was offering. He is certainly a size bigger than the tits and sparrows, but managed to balance quite well. Of course he had it all for himself as the other birds decided he was a bird to avoid.

I managed to catch one of the tits in flight. It is always action time when it is feeding time.

As long as there is a place to perch, everyone is happy.

I decided to cook something a little different for yesterday’s lunch: one of our large sausages from the French part of Switzerland (a saucisson) with lentils and carrots. I also added a dash of white wine according to the recipe and in a hour it was cooked. It was very tasty, although Mr. Swiss found that it was OK, but not something I should cook every week.

Yesterday was a holiday in our Kanton in Switzerland. I thought it was completely Swiss, but it was only in the catholic Kantons. Although we would be Swiss Reform Church, according to Mr. Swiss family (I am not anything) we still get the holiday. Today everything back to normal. I am not keen on those holidays in between, they mix up my daily routine. I am already planning Christmas (not that I celebrate it with all the trimmings, just some good food), but my days of stress shopping are over. When you have a chest freezer, all problems are solved.

And now to move on. My cleaning lady has finished the kitchen so I can now start cooking. I always have a bad conscience when she cleans it so well and I made a mess afterwards with the cooking. Have a good day, or sleep well and take it easy. If you are bored you can always switch on the computer and blog it all. In the meanwhile the sun has arrived, so it can only get better.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My cleaning lady took full week holiday in anticipation of Diwali cleaning. Poor me, managed two local boys and done with my cleaning. As I expected my help reached just in time hoping badly to get some Diwali gift, bonus n all. It is so irritating, she being a shammer whenever I need her most but that’s how they survive n thrive in this profession. Beautiful perch click and the dish looks wholesome !

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    • We are very lucky with our cleaning lady. She does the job perfectly and is quite good at what she does. She once had her own cleaning company and knows so much about her cleaning tools. I do my own cleaning otherwise daily, just the normal stuff, but I can no longer clean the bathroom, shower or toilets but she does it perfectly and the kitchen once every two weeks.


  2. Such a great action shot! The plant next to the blue jay is so pretty. That’s the one your gardener twisted and tied? I have never seen something like that before, but I really like the way it looks.

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    • It was our large bunch of grass that the gardener tied together to keep it clean over the Winter in the garden. Most gass plants are kept that way through the Winter. After Winter they untie them again and chop them down.


  3. Good Morning!
    It is nice that Halloween and all the stupid partying is over; but very few seem to know what All Saints’ Day is. Strangely, society here is becoming more familiar with Dia de los Muertos, which is a Mexican rather than American Holiday, or rather, two Holidays, on both the first and second of November. It is certainly better than Halloween, and is an nice way to celebrate All Saints’ Day. The traditions seem strange by American standards, but are somehow appropriate nonetheless. It sort of makes a bit more sense of what Halloween should be, and makes it a bit more tolerable.

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