Yes, that is me in the middle as the only lady and I think I made the right decision when the company invited me as Stand lady at the Tool Fair in Hannover. I was married, had the kids, but with a little bit or organisation I was off or the week at the fair. We are all now 50 years older and retired or no longer, but I was rite to do it.


12 thoughts on “RDP Monday: AMIRITE

  1. of course you were right! I did my apprenticeship as a secretary in a (then) huge international metal, tool, die and more factory. It was fascinating, interesting, had plenty of young men in a plethora of different male formations, we were to learn lots of stuff and even though later on I only worked in non producing HQs of intern. companies, I enjoyed very much going to fairs and exhibitions. You DO look good amongst those guys, or as we wd have said at the time: A rose on a muckheap 🙂

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    • My mum always said a rose beween thorns. I was at a few fairs, but mostly in Switzerland. Hannover was great. The men from an english stand discovered that an english girl was on the Swiss stand and I was getting visitors all day.

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