15 thoughts on “FOTD 1st November 2021: Orchid

  1. I’ve followed your example and I’ve put some of the rootlets onto orchid potting mixture to see if I can get some new plants started. Ours are now inside in the kitchen with a “Daylight” LED plant light, and seem very happy.

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    • Are ‘rootlets’ small basal roots, or roots that extend from a joint in a floral stem? Basal roots will not develop new plants, although new basal shoots can eventually be divided as new plants. Roots that extend from a joint of a floral stem indicate the development of a bulbil or a keiki, which can grow into a new plant. (Technically, they are not really bulbils, but they behave similarly.)

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  2. Lovely close up of that orchid! Remember how you didn’t think you could grow them and I told you it wasn’t hard, just don’t water them much and fertilize them sometimes? See? Mine, having been repotted, are growing like crazy, but no buds yet. they are VERY healthy, but I think they won’t bud until spring. Repotting sets back the flowering period, but I think if I hadn’t repotted them, they ALL have died. As it is, I lost one and the miniature is trying to recover. But the two older ones are doing very well and putting out those weird spiky things and lots of broad green leaves. I actually fed them some orchid fertilizer today which I hope will push them towards flowering. But they do look so much healthier in fresh soil and proper pots.

    I may see if I can buy another full sized one. The miniature one is difficult to manage. It’s really tiny.

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    • Mine are producing new plants on the stem with plenty of new roots, a bunch of new leaves and flower stems. I let them grow as I do not want to detach them from the mother plant. I have placed a pot of new earth next to them ’snd now the new roots are stretching in that direction. Orchids are not so expensive to buy, considering that they flower a couple of months and reflower again

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