Good Morning

And another misty morning in our village. We will be getting our missing hour again next week and we will have a little more daylight in the early morning At last I can sleep the house I lost. This morning it was still dark outside when I stopped hugging the bed. Yesterday afternoon was not so good. I had one of those digestive problems so I was homebound. I was planning to go places with my wheelchair, but had to postpone it all. Today I am back to normal, but am still planning what to do.

My birds have returned. Actually they have been hopping around all week, but now I have bird foo. Just a small packet from the store, but have ordered a mega bag which will be delivered tomorrow. Even the robin arrived. I found a small bird house in my garden cupboard, so dusted away the cobwebs and put it outside. I have various bird canteens positioned outside. The tits seem to be the main visitors at the moment.

No. 1 son has been busy clearing my porch of the various decorations in the garden. If I keep them outside in the Winter they tend to suffer from the cold weather and break.

This crow also arrived, but found nothing for his taste. They do not bother so much with the seeds. This morning I put out a few walnuts and peanuts. If the magpies do not steal them the crow will have something to deconstruct and munch on.

I have been organising next week’s food delivery already as Monday is a holiday in our Kanton for All Souls Day. We do not celebrate halloween here, just the day after with graveyard visits. I usually have my online delivery on Tuesday but all the customers with their usual Monday deliveries might be ordering for Tuesday, meaning that my usual delivery slot at 10-11 in the morning might be gone. I just ate the remainder of the bread for my breadfast so it looks like I will be baking a bread today.

There is really very little happening here at the moment. Winter is approaching and I am then restricted in my movements due to the colder weather.

Have a good day, stay safe, and make the most of it.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Day!
    Deconstructing crows sort of made me laugh. A very long time ago, black walnut trees were installed to flank some of the main roads between towns around here, including the portion of the famous El Camino Real south of San Jose. It was a good idea at the time. The trees are native to part of the San Joaquin Valley, so need no supplemental irrigation. They grew broad enough to partially shade the roadsides. The problem is that they drop black walnuts onto traffic below; and black walnuts are hard enough to crack windshields of cars if the cars are moving fast enough. What is worse is that crows like to eat the black walnuts, but can not crack them by knocking them onto the pavement, or even by dropping them from higher up. They somehow learned that they can instead crack them by using fast moving cars!

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