Good Morning

I eventually got a decent photo of the morning, but the sun has decided to wait a while until it appears, but it will eventually. We have had one sunny day after the other over the past two weeks. It is not warm, but quite good for this time of the year.

Autumn is showing itself from its best colours – my favourite time of the year as a very amateur photographer. My daily routine is not so daily as my cleaning lady is here and busy with her chores. I have been very lucky with Lucia. She is also an expert on the mechanics of my Dyson.Yesterday evening No, 2 son dropped past as he was working in his office in the nearby town of Biel. He now has a pahdemic routine of one week in his apartment and one week at his home in the Eastern part of Switzerland, Kanton Shaffhausen.

I will be off to the local town of Solothurn this afternoon. It is time for my weekly visit to see what the stores are offering. I noticed a few interesting offers for various meat and the town has the only butchers department with fresh meat on offer in the store. Prepacked meat is O.K. but the quantities are ofter to much or the meat is not cut how I like it. We are still under the duty to wear a mask in the stores, otherwise if you are in enclosed spaces such as a restaurant, your must show your Covid certificate to show details of your vaccination and also your identity card. For the first time in more than a year I saw that we had one case of Covid in our little village yesterday. Cases seem to be going up and down constantly and I will be glad when this curse disappears forever.

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I saw that my so-called Christmas cactus had produced two buds. It is not a very successful plant, and I am hoping that the buds do not drop before opening.

Otherwise nothing happening at the moment and I am now off to begin to cook lunch. I am also expecting a grocery delivery. Have a good day, keep safe and well.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Your Christmas cactus is looking great! I received my Moderna booster shot last night. In the middle of the night by arm started hurting, but this morning the ache is already gone. The booster is only half the regular dose so, thankfully, the aftereffects are not bad at all.

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    • This cactus never had many flowers, so I am hoping that they will open. The booster jab has only now been released for the Swiss, and only golden oldies (Ilike myself). I do not yet know how it will be organised. I did not have such bad effects from the first jabs.

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  2. Good . . . Wednesday evening or Thursday morning!
    That Christmas cactus is more successful than most. Seriously, most people discard them immediately after bloom. I liked to grow mine out on the embankment on the driveway. They propagate so easily. They rarely bloomed when they were ‘supposed’ to, but I did not care. In my garden, they were free to bloom whenever they wanted to.

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