RDP Monday: Kenspeckle (eyecatching)

Mr- Swiss went to the dentist – nothing too bad, a fitting for his new teeth He was away for about an hour. Then I heard the key in the door and this figure entered. Was this my Mr. Swiss, the man I married 52 years ago, the one I trusted, fed and spoilt all these years? They were his glasses and his clothes, even his shape. I had to take a photo in case I would have to report that a stranger had broken into the home – but no worry. He was not welding a knife and as soon as he had removed the mask it was my familiar Mr. Swiss. Today you can never be certain, there are too many masked people – and now he has a wonderful new set of teeth. No, the dentist did not make two extra large teeth at the top corners with eye catching points on the edge and I do not have puncture marks on my neck.

RDP Monday: Kenspeckle (eyecatching)

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