Good Morning

I have really have a mix up this morning. Trying to reduce my usage of the space allowed on my site, I cancelled the photo of my friendly cows on the main page. I am still working on something new and discovered that I have a lot to learn about fixing it. In the meanwhile you will have to bear with me. To begin the day here is Autumn from my area. All we have at the moment in the morning is mist and nothing clearly to see.

Yesterday I went for a journey in my wheelchair along the river again. I was quite pleased that I even managed to get to town and back and my wheelchair was still on full power. I really neglected it during the summer with trips to town on my scooter, the problem being that my scooter has an attachment for my walker which I ineed when carrying goos from a shopping trip and my wheelchair does not.

Of course I took a few photos on the way. This is our River Aare taken with ny camera as I was crossing the bridge into town.

And this is the patth across the bridge for pedestrians. The bridge is on two levels. The level above is the road, also for pedestrians, but this is much safer with no traffic. I remember when they replaced the old bridge a few years ago. It was done in a year and they constructed it parallel to the old one.

And after wasting so much time on fixing something like a header on my site, I should begin to organise my day. I do not really plan going anywhere. I have a bread to bake and some organising to do with the vacuum cleaner – and of course finding something decent for my web site header. Have a good day everyone and have fun. I will be back I hope, if the WordPress organisation does not stop me.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. When I looked at the posts viewed on my site, verry few postsviewed were older than a few weeks. Therefore, if I had to make space on my site I would look at deleting photos on old posts, because nobody will ever read them, anyway.

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  2. I ran out of space on my gardening blog a few months ago (it’s a free one and I didn’t want to pay just to add more photographs). I had been re-sizing my images using the Windows 10 photo editor but choosing the large size. I’ve now changed to Medium and deleted a lot of photographs from that blog (all earlier years). I still have the posts and though the images don’t show, their date does, which means I can look at the Album on my PC if I need to. I also set up a second Blog for my allotment and exported everything on that subject across, so those images could be deleted too. Reducing the size of images you post will help, and some housekeeping from the early years. A job for those wintery days when you can’t get out. 🙂

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    • I have already reducedsizes and removed photos, but with more than 10,000 blogs it will take time. Inusedto have a Second web site for my cats, since a year I cancelled it as the all crossed over to the eternal corn chambers

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  3. I hope you get it all worked out, Pat. That’s a lot of money to spend–and you have already done everything you can to gain more media storage. Good luck.

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    • I have been in WordPress now almost 14 years and that is a long time. At first it cost nothing and then I updated to Premium about 10 years ago. I am really thinking about business plan. It costs more, but there are a lot of perks for me. It has become a hobby and when you are more or less housebound It gives me something to do with my photos (another one of my hobbies).. I am pleased to say I have now been able to upload a new header, which was not so easy. Now I want to get rid of some of the silly photos I have at the side. It is more money, but who knows how long I will pay it at the age of 75 Although, I might set up the record as oldest blogger.

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  4. Good Morning!
    . . . well, except for the drama with WordPress. I can not figure out how it works either; but there is plenty of space for my pictures. Of course my posts feature only a single picture. A few old pictures are missing. I do not know what to think about that. I really should spend less time posting anyway.

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