12 thoughts on “FOTD 24th October 2021: Japanese Beautyberry

  1. I have a huge shrub of American Beautyberry in my back yard. Honestly, I don’t know the difference between the Japanese and the American variety. It is so pretty with those beautiful purple berries.

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  2. Oh my! That is so rad! I just got my very first American beautyberry from another blogger about a month ago. https://tonytomeo.com/2021/10/02/six-on-saturday-williamsburg/ I had been wanting it for a very long time, but could not justify procuring it. I specifically wanted the species, as it grows wild in Southeastern North America, rather than a modern cultivar. That is precisely what I got! Anyway, the berries in your picture are more likely a cultivar of Japanese beautyberry, since that species is more popular in home gardens and landscapes. American beautyberry is generally popular where it grows wild, and generally because it simply invites itself into home gardens. Those that are planted intentionally are most likely Japanese beautyberry, which develops better form.

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