RDP Saturday: Celebration

This was a celebration never to be forgotten. It took place before Christmas in 1956. I am sitting in the front row, third from left with a strange hat on my head. My dad worked for the Ford motor works and he would pay for my participation in the children’s Christmas party during the year. Of course I did not know that at the time, and was sure that Fords were doing it all to keep us kids happy. We children met at the company and were taken by a coach to an event. This year I remember it was a visit to one of the large London circus events in the Royal Albert Hall with clowns, elefants and all the trimmings. Afterwards we were transported back to the company and had a Christmas tea. We children were all called together and were given our Christmas gift and they were really good gifts – something for the boys and something for the girls and all organised according to your age.

We kids did not know each other, but that soon changed and on the way to the event we got to know each other and when we returned we were already in our own little groups. They were parties never to be forgot. My dad worked for the company, in the wheel department, until he retired. Of course Ford cars still exist, but the company is no longer the same place in Dagenham in London. Things change over the years and I think that we children must now all be golden oldies in our seventies, like myself. The Christmas parties no longer exist of course.

RDP Saturday: Celebration

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