Good Morning

Let us have some afternoon clouds this morning. It seems that in the afternoon the sky awakes to produce something interesting. In the morning it is grey and damp and really nothing interesting. I noticed that WordPress limit my photo availability. It seems that after almost ten years of blogging here I have used 97% of my available space and they advise me to update to a WordPress Business Plan for $25 monthly, or am I misunderstanding something here. I will definitely not be paying so much. I have my photos mainly in Google and a little in Flickr. I like to show photos in my blogs. I have now removed all my photos from 2012 and have begun in 2013, but up to now it does not make a lot of difference. I was wondering how do you add photos and is there a better way to do it, saving space. It is for me especially difficult as photography is one of my hobbies.

In the meanwhile I continue and see what happens. This morning my hostas showed me that they are gradually losing their colour and decided to disappear from the garden. That means more Autumn work. No. 1 son will be needed to help to remove the leaves, but I wait until they are really finished and then we can just pull them out of the ground.We are then left with the stalks with the remaining seeds of the flowers to cut down. Eventually I can forget the garden until Spring when the crocus and daffodils appear. I also have various ornaments to transfer to the cellar for their Winter sleep. There is always something to do.

Today I will not be going anywhere and just relaxing at home. And now I am off to the usually daily tasks. I am getting an online delivery of groceries today and will be organised for the week-end.

Have a good Friday and enjoy.

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        • I always reduce the size of my photos in my computer program before I upload them to WP. WordPress has a way to reduce photo size, also, but I find it a bit confusing. And if you reduce a photo that is already in your WP media file, it is saved twice so you wind up using more storage space. They try to get us every which way!

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