Good Morning

Here we are, some place and almost same time. We had a very windy night, storms up to 110 kph, but we all survived and everything is still in place outside in the garden. There were a few areas where some trees were uprooted, but nothing dramatic. The clouds are now clearing and according to the forecast, it should be over this morning, although the winds are still blowing. As I do not intend going places today, no problem.

Today we can congratulate my Mr. Swiss to his 82nd birthday. He is celebrating it with a second visit to the dentist. He had the first part of the treatment yesterday and today it will be completed. Even the dentist congratulated him yesterday when he noticed that today would be his birthday. Not exactly the best way to celebrate, but afterwards everything we be completed. I cannot even cook anything special to celebrate for him as I have the feeling it will not be so welcome.

I now have all my orchids indoors on the table in the living room where they have plenty of light from the window and they are thanking me by developing further. During the Summer they were out on the porch floweing all the time and productiung leaves and new plants on the stem. Two of them have had babies growing on the stem. I could not organise them outside , but according to some instructions I received from our resident expert (hello Tony) I have been able to organise a pot of material and the new roots are finding their way – I hope.

I spray the new material to tempt the new roots and it seems to be working. The roots are stretching and I even have a few new flower shoots developing. My other orchids have also developed some new shoots and I am looking forward to brightening up the living room with their results. It has been a long training programmne over the past 5-10 years but it is now bringing results.

This orchid is still producing many flowers inside.

Mr. Swiss pointed out to me that I was being watched by a magpie yesterday from a tree in my back garden. It must have been sitting there for some time. I would have put out some food, but the stores still do not have any, although I saw today that it will soon be possible. I am looking forward to have them as company again the morning in my garden. The bird house is ready.

And now to move on to my daily chores. At some time I will be baking a bread and preparing a spaghetti lunch which is one of my No. 1 son’s favourites. Otherwise no stress and a comfortable day at home. May you also have a good day and no unwanted problems, although they arrive out of the blue sometimes, Glad to say my bathroom is now behaving and no more unwanted surprising leaks anywhere. See you around on the flip side and here is a view of my Japanese maple with its Autumn clothes.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good . . . night!
    Since that orchid is still a bit airborne as it roots, it can be planted a bit lower when it gets separated from the parent, so that the leaves are just above the chipped bark. It is not important now. The roots seem to be fining their way downward into the bark.

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      • It probably prefers to do its own thing, now that it knows where the goods are. I tend to get too involved with mine, and give them what I think they need, including regular grooming. Of course, this do not like to be bothered too much.

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