8 thoughts on “FOTD 16th October 2021: Ivy

      • Yes, the juvenile growth is what makes a practical ground cover. However, if not maintained, the mediary growth climbs into trees and onto walls, and can ruin paint. Once the meidary growth gets high enough, shrubby adult growth blooms. That looks quite shabby up in otherwise grand redwoods. At my former home, the juvenile Algerian ivy developed shrubby blooming adult growth right there on the ground, without mediary growth.


        • Yes, it is the older ivy that has completed its climbing days that bloom. I live in an ivy area. It climbs up the trees and suddenly appears on the ground, but it does not bother me, There was a time when our local gardeners had the idea to remove from the trees growing along the river. Everyone complained, and they stopped doing it.

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          • There does not seem to be many regions in which ivy of one sort or another is not invasive. Algerian ivy was the common sort that I remember in suburban areas in the early 1970s. However, it does not naturalize like the English ivy has done here.

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  1. I have a length of ivy growing in my dining room where the flowers live that is probably 10 feet long and it has never shown signs of flowering. I suppose everything flowers, but I’m impressed that you got a picture of this rare event 😀

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    • Ivy (of various species) will not likely bloom inside. It must be somewhat old, and exposed to weather and seasonal changes. Ivy does not need to bloom if it does not want to, since it propagates vegetatively (by rooting where the stems touch the ground). Many healthy plants are content to not bloom at all. It is prettier without bloom.

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